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Perfect Plenaries

Discussion in 'English' started by MrsEvansJones, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    For all you teachers out there at a loss of how you are going to demonstrate your evidence of pupil progress or show what they have learnt in your lesson. "Perfect" is a big claim, but together, we can show each other just how simple plenaries can be. Stress-free and simple, this is your place to share.

    Check back for regular updates!!
  2. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    Making sure you have left time to do your plenary is one of the struggles that many teachers face, so to start with, here are some simple plenaries that take 2 minutes...

    Five Finger Feedback - after they have packed up, get each pupil to give you a score out of 5 to show how much they understand the lesson/activity or how confident they are that they could do the essay, or whatever has happened.

    Quick fire Questions - pupils can't leave until they have answered a question about the learning from the lesson

    Hot Potatoe - using Spud (go to Amazon and search for Hot Potato) Pupils throw it from one to another and whomever is holding it when the music stops has to answer a question about the lesson

    All of these are quick and easy as long as you are confident to make up questions on the spot!!
  3. I have made a PowerPoint called the Plenary Producer - 130 plenaries all in one place and easy to use in Key Stages 1-5. You can find it on TES resources by typing in the name.
  4. MrsEvansJones

    MrsEvansJones New commenter

    If you have introduced any definitions in your lesson (because lets face it, it's rare that we don't, whatever subject we teach!) simply turn the definitions into a cloze exercise and get the pupils to fill in the gaps. Can be done orally or on the iWB or on a projector screen with bits of paper and blu-tak!

    Complexity can be changed per definition simply by the number of words you take out. I have also sometimes introduced this idea with summary statements of what they should have learnt that lesson, which is much harder than completing a definition, but very effective to gauge understanding!!
  5. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I know it's been quite s while since this post, but just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to Mrs EvansJones & mikegershon for doing this and the other threads about Starters and Drama.
    With the reorganisation of this site I'm clearing out items on my hotlist-(yes you were still on there) before they're lost forever.
    Thanks again.

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