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People Who Have Previously Studied/Are Planning On Studying PGDE Secondary Next Year?

Discussion in 'Scotland - prospective teachers' started by caprikid69, Sep 20, 2012.

  1. Hi what subject are you doing? I'll be applying to Dundee to do Home Economics. Noticed on the GTTR website that they've announced 2013 applications open w/c 15th October. I'm interested to know if anyone has done an interview for Dundee before - are they group interviews or one-to-one?
  2. I'm computing, hoping to go to either Glasgow or Strathclyde. I heard that if you don't put Glasgow as your first choice, by the time you get round to applying for them their interviews are over. I hope that's not the case as Strathclyde would be my first choice! I've not really looked into Dundee, I'd assume that the interviews would be individual like they are for most unis? I know for Strathclyde there's also a presentation that you have to do in front of a small group.
  3. Hi. I've also applied for the Home Economics course at Dundee. From what I gather, the interview at Dundee is individual and there are 2 interviewers. You do a 3 minute presentation at the start followed by 15-20 minutes of questions. Hope we hear something back soon! Good luck!

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