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People inspired by religion to fight against prejudice - suggestions?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by flame108, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. Teachers don't often look at the life of Sally Becker - Angel of Mostar http://www.sallybecker.co.uk/ She's Jewish.
  2. Have a look at Connie Ten Boom's life.
    her book is not for the faint hearted however.
    Hotel Rwand is useful.
    We look at Muhammed Ali refusing to fight for U.S.- not a 'Just war' or unfairness of regime rather than prejudice but he then suffered as did Tommy Smith for his Black power salute.
    Malcolm X springs to mind too
  3. Guru Tegh Bahadur, the ninth Sikh Guru, died to save Hindus from persecution. He may be worth looking at for this module.

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