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Pension Rights - That's great - But why don't unions fight for us?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by shalteir, Nov 25, 2011.

  1. These maybe austere times, but the alternatives to qualified teacher supply were built up put in place over many years. Even if these had not been austere times, the plan was always to cut out supply teachers. I'm not sure that there will be the cover if there were to be an epidemic, and sooner, rather than later, schools will run out of experienced teachers to fill unespected absences, whilst SEN or LA pupils will continually find that their groups will be cancelled.
  2. The unions never cared about us - they know we'll keep paying membership since we're more open than any other group within teaching to malicious allegations, and they quite happily sold us down the river for the workload agreement... I don't know if they fully appreciated the consequences of it - or didn't care or what - but now they've opened such a huge can of worms they can never get it back in the pot so they'll sit there and try to pretend we don't exist (unless sending us really tersely worded reminders to support our striking colleagues).

    Tempted to find the nearest cuts protest march, go along with a placard saying "I am a supply teacher - my livelihood was destroyed long ago - why aren't you protecting OUR interests as well - teaching unions"
  3. If you do that, get in front of the tv cameras. That message needs broadcasting.
  4. If you are not a middle aged and middle class WASP with a permanent contract then you are most certainly among the children of a lesser God. Unions will wax lyrical about your rights until such time as you ask them to put their hand in their pockets to fight the plague of Cover Supervisors, the corruption of pastoral care and SEN posts and the utterly shameless way that the ambulance chasing scum running many agencies exploit vulnerable teachers without a by your leave. Meanwhile, one and all are heard mewling about their commitment to standards in this 'caring profession'. It occurs to me that it is as far from being a caring profession as it is possible to imagine when these endemic and systemic abuse are tolerated as a matter of course.
    And where will I be on November 30th? I will attend an interview for a post with a private company, that's where. I may not like this but now that academies have been allowed to bolt from the stable, those in my line had best find other things to do, until such time as some parents well up on their ABCs reacquaint one and all with the nuances of the ECHR!!!

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