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Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by joemlujo, Jul 14, 2011.

  1. Hello,

    Does anybody know a French school which would be interested in setting up an exchange of letters. Thank you.
  2. Geekie

    Geekie Occasional commenter

    Have you had a look on the Global Gateway? If you register your school, you can then have a look around at all the French-speaking schools that are seeking a link in this country. www.globalgateway.org.uk
    Does your town have a French twin town? You could maybe seek a link that way.
  3. eljefeb90

    eljefeb90 Occasional commenter

    I have successfully used www.etwinning.net this year with a school in Spain. You establish an e-mail project and set up a twinspace. training is available to be able to do this, but it's not very difficult.
  4. whapbapboogy

    whapbapboogy New commenter

    try thebigchallengeclub.com- that's how I found my penfriend schools.

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