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pencil skills in art and examples of pattern making

Discussion in 'Art and design' started by Yol72, Mar 28, 2011.

  1. Hi,
    I wondered if anyone could help me, I have to teach pupils and staff basic pencil skills.
    At my last school there was a wonderful grid we used that children had to try out different techniques in each box, e.g sketching with the side of the pencil, from light to dark an vice versa, show a really dark line and then a light line, then go on to differnt skills like cross hatching and dotting.
    Does anyone know where I can find a version please?
    Also we used to have a booklet of different patterns for children to try out , I think the original document came from a Art guy in Cambridgeshire called Rob Howard.

  2. Meant to ask if anyone had a copy or something similar they could send me? For some reason that didn't save in my last message!!
  3. If you still want something then I have a good grid that I found on Google. I can email it to you if you wish?

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