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Pembrokeshire holidays

Discussion in 'Personal' started by bobvincent, Jul 12, 2011.

  1. We're off to West Wales, Pembrokeshire for three days in a few weeks. We're intending to visit Skomer and Caldey islands, walk on beaches and see Dylan Thomas' house at Laugharne. Has anyone any ideas for what else is good down there?
  2. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I like St Davids.
  3. fluffysparkles

    fluffysparkles New commenter

    Us too! Let's hope we have the weather! Tenby and saundersfoot are nice, beaches pubs etc. We're taking a boat trip to Caldey too, I've never been despite many trips to Pembroke!Oakwood's worth a visit if you have kiddywinks [​IMG] (or if you're just a big kid yourself!) ditto Hetherton and the Welsh zoo (Anna Ryder Richardson's)
  4. Depends what you are after.
    If you are more a outdoor walking type of person, there is the coastal path, or a walk down Bosherston lilly ponds (south pembs)
    Tenby as a nice couple of beachesand quaint old town (a bit touristy but OK)
    Heatherton and Manor House Park (as previously mentioned)
    For older kids and the thrill seeker there is Oakwood theme park or just up the road is Blue Lagoon water park.
    Walks up on the Preselli Hills are nice.
    St Davids is a nice day/half day out, the cathedral, bishop's palace.
    Motor museum in Simpson Cross
    Museum of speed in Pendine (carmarthenshire)
    Pembroke castle is a nice day of history
    Depends on the age of the kids, Folly Farm or the Shire Horse centre
    Castell Henllys (Iron Age settlement)
    Newgale, Whitesands beaches to surf
    Llys-Y-Fran resevoir, fishing, dinghy sailing, mountain biking trail

    Hope this helps
    BTW, If you are up in Aberporth whilst down, call in the shop and say Hi :)

  5. Thank you, Mike
  6. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

    Bob: go to Barafundle Bay. Warning you have to park your car and walk up a big hill but at the end there is a lovely bay with a wide sandy beach. If you want to you can cary on walking on the coast path at the other side of the bay.
    Afterwards go in the National trust tea room and have a nice home cooked lunch .
    Then when that food has gone down, (or the next day) drive along the road to the Stackpole arms and have a pub tea in the beer garden.
    I've had some lovely holidays there but last time we went there is August it was freezing.
    In Tenby next to the harbour on the corner upstairs is a nice pizza restaurant and there is also a posh restaurant which costs about 50 quid for 2 - I always like it but it has mixed reviews,I think because it is expensive but you usually have to book thereb -Plantagenet House Restaurant
  7. moonpenny

    moonpenny Occasional commenter

  8. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Skomer's a good choice, but be aware that if you don't book in advance there is a limit on how many visitors can land there each day, so get down to the ferry landing early (near Wooltack Point, past Marloes). You also get left there for a fixed time so be prepared for all weathers.

    Marloes Sands is a particularly beautiful beach.

    Little Haven's good for an evening meal - nice atmosphere.

    There are excellent bus services (eg The Puffin Shuttle) along the coast, so one option is to take a bus outwards then walk the coast path back.

    I walked the coast path from Fishguard to Dale many moons ago and can report that pretty much all of it is lovely.

    I'd second the earlier comment about Castell Henllys but it's a bit out of the way. Manorbier Castle and Bay are very pleasant - they filmed one of the Narnia TV series at the castle.

    You can spend a lot of time driving in Pembrokeshire if you're not careful - we usually go for a fairly central base like Newgale.

    The Beach at St Davids, Whitesands Bay, is very Cornwall-ish (ie busy) - for something more secluded try Ynys Barry (steep steps keep the hordes away).
  9. If you are intereted in theme parks you must go to Oakwood near Narbeth. Its my favourite. It has a wooden roller coaster that brilliant.
  10. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    PS: The Puffin spotters on Skomer are almost as comical as the Puffins:

  11. I agree with the above. Try Porth Gain too - little vilage with nice pub/restaurant. Not a whole day out, but nice for a stop.
  12. Bloody hell, have been going to Pembs for most of my life owing to Mr H's mother who lives in Burton overlooking the Haven.
    Frankly, the welsh are dead boring, and it is dead. There are some lovely beaches however, and St Davids is OK for a few hours. We took a boat trip from there that was fun once and saw the seals.
    But generally Wales is deadly. Have been to the lily ponds etc too, but lilys only flower once a year........
    Have just come back from Spain... fiesta! ( by comparison).
    Still, the Welsh can be relied on to " do it tomorrow".

  13. ShowerGel

    ShowerGel Established commenter

    Stay on the coastal path - it beats Cornwall every time - just far more remote.
    Barafundle and Marloe Sands are gorgeous.
    Really it's for walking miles and miles looking at the incredible views of cliffs and sea and enjoying each beach you come across.
    The whole path is amazing but go in spring next time for the wild flowers.
    Forget inland.
  14. Thanks, all you kind people for your time.
    Does anyone know if the Skomer trip can be booked by phone or online?
  15. fluffysparkles

    fluffysparkles New commenter

    Frankly, the welsh are dead boring, and it is dead.
    But generally Wales is deadly.
    Still, the Welsh can be relied on to " do it tomorrow".

    How rude!
    How many Welsh people do you actually know???
    Or how much of Wales have you visited/lived in?
    Don't make such sweeping statements about a nation from a few holidays in a quiet area predominantly made up of retired residents! (Not being ageist but they are more likely to enjoy a quieter pace!)
    Cymru am byth!
  16. fluffysparkles

    fluffysparkles New commenter

    shmae Dolly!
    Wholeheartedly agree, won't lower myself to saes' bashing.
    Seriously, how can you slate a country where a microwave is a 'popty ping' ? ! [​IMG]
  17. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    We have a place booked in Barmouth.
    It is going to be hell.
    I just know it.

    Bloody Cadr Idris. What is the point?

  18. fluffysparkles

    fluffysparkles New commenter

    Poetic inspiration? [​IMG]
    "There are numerous legends about Cadair Idris. Some nearby lakes are supposed to be bottomless, and anyone who sleeps on its slopes alone, will supposedly awaken either a madman or a poet." (Wiki)
  19. lurk_much

    lurk_much Occasional commenter

    I have slept on the slopes.
    Where I did bind my hopes in black ropes,
    I slathered them in cream,
    Or was it a dream?
    No matter, they live on in old tropes.

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