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pelvic inflammatory disease

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by newz, May 10, 2011.

  1. Wondering if any of you lovely ladies have experience of pid. I've had a rough time with gynae problems recently and after a laparoscopy the consultant was still unsure if my problems were caused by endometriosis or an infection. I had swabs taken which showed Group B Strep which finally cleared after 4 courses of antibiotics. I got a major shock, however, when the lab changed how they test their swabs and had kept my samples for retesting using the new procedures and a chlamydia infection was detected. The thing is I haven't been in a serious relationship for approx 5 yrs so it looks like the chlam has been lying dormant until a yr ago when it started to cause problems.
    Anyhow I have been given 3 different antibiotics to treat the chlam and don't feel any different; pelvic pain, yucky discharge, irregular periods, burning and frequent urination. I'm hopeful that the chlam has been treated successfully and have to wait 6 wks for a retest but am wondering how long it will take before I actually start to see any improvement. I was told with acute chlam people generally improve within a few days but as mine has progressed to pid it may take a lot longer.
    I did freak out initially about the possibility of infertility but have got my head around that and will cross that bridge if/when the time comes. I'm actually relieved to find out what is more than likely to be causing the symptoms but just wish I could begin to see an improvement.
    Sorry for the long post but it's not something I feel I can talk about with my friends and don't know anyone who has gone through it. Thanks for reading!
  2. Sorry you're feeling poorly with PID; it sounds pretty awful.
    Chronic infections can take months and months of antibiotic treatment, so its fairly early days yet. Hope you start feeling better soon.[​IMG]
  3. Thanks for commenting MM. I'm even more confused after speaking to the nurse in the GUM clinic as she seems to think I never had chlamydia at all I had 3 sets of swabs taken all of which were clear then they retest the 3rd one and it comes back positive (and I'm not in a relationship so the circumstances haven't changed). She thinks the gp/lab have mixed up my sample with someone elses which may explain why all the antibiotics for chlam haven't helped my symtoms but if this is indeed true it still doesn't explain why I feel so poorly.
    Apt with gynae this wk so will be interesting to hear what he thinks although from experience I'm not convinced he really knows what he's talking about.
    Who would be a woman eh?
  4. Well I've been for my gynae apt and he wants to give me GnRH injections to induce an artificial menopause for 6 months to give everything a chance to calm down which i do agree makes sense BUT when i asked him about treatment for the pid and the fact that I've had 4 antibiotics that havenn't made any difference he just said I don't know and left it at that. I was so gunked at the time I really didn't say much but now just feel really let down, fair enough he may not understand why the antibiotics haven't worked but surely he could have at least said he'll speak to a colleague/refer me to someone who may know. My gp had noticed that my lymphocytes (one kind of white blood cells) are below the normal range so is referring me to haemotology to get this checked out. She thinks it may be somthing simple like the fact lymphocytes fight a viral infection and since my infection is bacterial then the ones that fight a bacterial infection are raised so these are lowered. Not too sure but I'm wondering if it has any link to the fact that the antibiotics have not worked.
    Think it might be time to find a new gynae consul but that means explaining everything to someone new plus the waiting time to see somone new.
    Just feel so frustrated! Sorry for the rant btw.
  5. You have a complex situation here. Medicine can be like that.

    Can you afford to pay to see a gyne privately, really if you can it would be worth it. Even if only to find out WHAT is going on where.

    If not, I'd ask for another appointment with Gyne or team, and get your questions down on paper.

    From what you have said, you want to know if you have a PID.

    And what were the findings of your Lap.

    Finally, why are they treating you with GNRH?

    Talk to your friends, or find a Endo forum.

    You are confused and overwhelmed, it's an effective of being in the situ.

    Take your time, and get it clear in your head, then ask for clarity.
  6. Exactly I just feel like I need to speak to someone who is a) interested and b) can provide some ans (preferably a woman as I think they have more understanding. I've an apt at the GUM clinic in the middle of June so will try and wait to see what they suggest but if don't get much help then will def think about a private gynae apt with someone else.
    He's prescribing GnRH as he thinks I might have endo and it may help to settle things. He says PID and endo look very similar so it's hard to differentiate between them in a laparoscopy.I'm swaying more towards the PID diagnosis as the symptoms are more similar plus the low lymphocyte count may related. Hard to know? Thanks for advice though!

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