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Peer to peer sexual abuse in primary school

Discussion in 'Primary' started by franob, Nov 1, 2011.

  1. This situation is absolutely horrific and I can't imagine the distress that it has caused the girls and you as parents. As a parent of two girls I think you are being incredibly level headed to be considering the feelings of the boy concerned and I applaud you for that.
    What I feel complete disgust for is the way this appears to have been handled by the school. As another poster has stated, it would be different if it were adults and surely this is even more traumatic for a child to handle. If a teacher was sexually abused by a fellow teacher on her staff then I can't believe for a second that she would allow the abuser back into school. Even if she was prepared to take this as a one off (which it clearly isn't as it involves multiple incidents and victims) then the ongoing intimidation rings bells loudly and clearly.
    I can't imagine how your daughter feels facing her abuser on a daily basis and being on the receiving end of intimidation. The school needs to take their responsibility to the girls far more seriously than it appears they have, I can't understand why they haven't done more already. If they are trying to protect the boy then I think this is very misguided - but that is personal opinion.
    I do hope you are able to challenge the school and agree with contacting Governors/Ofsted etc to raise concerns over safeguarding. I'm sure at some point you might grow tired of fighting but I'm sure there will be many staff members who are also fighting this internally along with you, albeit not in public. The best of luck to you and your family xx
  2. I have thought about what I would do in this position. Your priority is to protect your daughter and if what you say is correct then the school are failing to do this, therefore you must remove your child, whether that be temporarily or permanently. You must inform the Police, even though they cannot do anything. You should also inform Social Services and advise them that the Police have been involved. Inform the governors, OFSTED and the LA too. Copy all letters to the Headteacher and governors. With this pressure surely and the school will be forced to be more robust in their approach and your daughter will be protected.

    If you really want your child to remain at the school how about consulting a solicitor? I know this costs money (if you cannot get legal aid) but this school must be made very aware of their duty to protect your child. There may even be grounds for an action in the civil court.
  3. This is such a sad story. It's makes me so cross that schools refuse to exclude children as it reflects badly on the school. At least a temporary exclusion was clearly required here to send a message to the boy, the girls involved and other children who may have heard about the incident(s). All these children need to be made aware that this behaviour is not acceptable.
  4. Hi, My friend forwarded your post onto us as we are going through exactly the same thing. Our six year old son was severly sexually assaulted by an older pupil at school and since the incident we have chosen to keep him away from the school and the child involved. It has been 28 days now since our son was at school but he does not want to return as he is scared of the child in question and we as parents have lost all confidence in the school and the teachers. Sorry, but the facts are in those 28 days we have had no support, we contacted the police, we contacted social services, we contacted childwelfare and we notified the school governers. The police have been great but cant do anything due to the children being under 10. We have tried to call for a meeting with the local authority, school and governers but we have had no joy. We are now looking at other schools for our son as he misses school and we want him in school. We are continuing with our justice as the school continue to sweep it under the carpet. We have forwarded literature to all parents of the school as the child in question is a repeat offender, we are now writing to the church as we are a C of E school and they have let us down, writing to all the local authorities, MP's, local counillors and elected child and education welfare authorities. We are writing a letter of complaint to ofsted against the governers, childwelfare and the headteacher, a formal complaint also to the education board concerning the head teacher and the governers. We will not rest as our son is and will always be the victim. I am not sure what else we can say, but we wish you well and we will try and keep in touch to let you know how we are getting on. Kind Regards.

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