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pecs / visual timetable

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by antine, Sep 10, 2011.

  1. We all use many basic signs from Makaton as a matter of course. So although you do not know it you will be able to communicate some simple words already. Look on the Makaton website for their book of signs. It is well worth while learning some of the early stage words from that. The video is not a great deal of use a sit only shows how to make the sign - that is quite easy to follow in the book anyway. Also as suggested in other reply, the Communicate in Print is useful for signs and symbols around the room. It is quite easy to use without any training. Just some common sense and time to experiment. This is a bit off the direct help you aksed for but hope it may be of some help.
  2. Loony tunes

    Loony tunes New commenter

    If you haven't got communicate in print - go on the widgit website where you can download a free trial of symwriter (a similar product to communicate with the same symbols but designed more to support pupil's writing where as communicate is more to create paper based resources). Anyway, download symwriter so you can make some resources to get you going and then see if school will order communicate in print - its half price at the moment.
    Good luck!
  3. languageisheartosay

    languageisheartosay Occasional commenter

    I think there are at least two on TES - try https://www.tes.co.uk/teaching-resource/Visual-timetable-Primary-phase-6110971/ to see if that's any good. It's from Widgit.
  4. dzil

    dzil Occasional commenter

    Check out all of Bevevans resources in the resource bank. She does loads of really useful symboled stuff. Also Widget software have put quite a few ready made symbol resources in the resource bank to. Widget web site has some good freebies as does the inclusive technology website.
    If your new pupil uses PECS it is a communication system, not a symbol system (although it uses symbols) and you'll need a bit of info on how and why its used (basically it's to support the child to initiate communication and communicate) There was a good thread about it a year or so back, you could do a search?
  5. ScotSEN

    ScotSEN Senior commenter

    We use boardmaker for our visual timetable symbols. If you haven't used a timetable before worth googling visual timetable and finding out how others use them. We tend to use it to show the daily routine but only for for the next 3 or 4 events. Eg play, circle time, wash hands, snack. we have a finshed box and as we put the finished activities away we add on the next few so that we don't have too many on the board at once. Its a bit of trial and error until you find whats best for your situation.
    Good luck
  6. I know ********** is banned in most schools, however they have really good visual timetables for all key stages, the ********** logo is easily trimmed off and it doesn't take long to print & laminate. I used them with a child with ASD last year and they worked a treat. Good Luck x
  7. Hi
    If you use Boardmaker, why not look at www.boardmakershare.com where there are ready made templates to use. Just download them and edit them in Boardmaker. Saves having to create resources from scratch.
    Hope that helps!

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