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Pearson/Heinemann Studio

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by epinard, Feb 11, 2011.

  1. we have started using studio this year with year 7, we love teaching it, the constant tie in to the key stage 3 stategy and high frequency words means our pupils are able to write sentences independently. the videos are great, a constant reminder that French is linked to a country, something our kids can't get their heads around. It does move fast, but still covers the same old topics but in a way that makes it more relevant, what you could actually say if you were talking to a kid in France. I would say that acces studio is necessary for the first term, unless your school is in the unbelievable position of knowing where your year six will be on entry.
  2. I agree that it is a good course. We have used 'Studio Accès' for those who have done little in Primary school (or a different language) and Studio 1 with the others. My only concern is that the sound recordings when taken from the Activeteach CD-Rom tend to vibrate when used on the IWB and so we have had to also purchase the CDs. It does work out to be quite an expensive course with all the components. I am now actively trying to encourage all of our feeder schools to use Studio Accès so as to facilitate the transfer process from Primary to secondary.
  3. Thanks for the comments - very helpful!


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