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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by Complicated_Bear, Jan 17, 2012.

  1. Just wondering if anyone can advise? When I went to the doctors last week she rattled off a list of foods I should avoid now I'm pregnant. Thinking back, I have a feeling I heard her say peanuts should be avoided, which I thought were ok unless you have a history of nut allergies in your family, which I don't. I didn't really pick up on it at the time, as I don't generally like peanuts so wouldn't have them anyway.
    However, as a vegetarian, I've been conscious of the need to include more protein in my diet, especially now for the baby. One food I really like and where I often get more protein from I knew was made from nuts, but I've just realised it's 52% peanut (which I think is the only nut in it). I haven't eaten any just in case, but the issue is not discussed in my pregnancy book, and when I googled I found lots of conflicting advice. Can anyone tell me what the current guidance is and if I would have heard my doctor correctly or not? Thanks.
  2. Hi! My midwife told me peanuts are ok if eaten "by the handful not the kilo!" I'm 38 weeks now and have eaten nuts throughout, particulary brazil nuts for iron! Hope that helps, good luck!
  3. Coolgiraffe

    Coolgiraffe Occasional commenter

    I'm vegetarian too and 35 weeks pregnant. I've eaten peanuts and other nuts all the way through because the midwife said the latest advice is that eating nuts in pregnancy doesn't affect allergy occurences in children unless you have a nut allergy yourself.
    Because lots of pregnancy books were published a few years ago they will say not to eat peanuts but now that advice is considered out of date.
    Coolgiraffe xxx
  4. they changed the rules while i was pregnant so that only those with peanut allergies can't eat them whilst pregnant now. i ate them throughout (mainly in the form of snickers, but still!)
  5. sabby81

    sabby81 New commenter

    I started off by avoiding them, then heard that unless you are allergic to them or have eczema, totally avoid them doesn't allow your baby to build up its immune system...so I had a few mini snickers from the Celebrations tub at xmas haha xx
  6. My midwife said peanuts and other nuts were all deemed okay now, however Ive been advised to stay away from them as my husband has other allergies (mowing the lawn could give him an anaphalatic shock!) and we both have eczema and he has severe asthma. Not sure how it helps the baby but with both eczema and asthma being gentically passed on in our families, Im not taking any chances! Hope this helps. x
  7. Thanks for your replies, perhaps I misheard. I don't want toeat things that genuinely cause a risk, such as brie etc etc, but I think it is telling how nut allergies seem to have increased in recent years, perhaps due to peanuts being avoided in pregnancy? Anyway, seems I don't need to completely avoid them, thank you!

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