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PE when schools re-open during Covid

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by stopwatch, May 14, 2020.

  1. stopwatch

    stopwatch Lead commenter

    At some point relatively soon, schools will have to re-open.
    Considering the close proximity of pupils in the majority of PE activities and the constant handling and re-handling of equipment by various pupils (think basketball, rugby, gymnastics), the close proximity in changing rooms, are there any discussions taking place within your school or department about how this will be managed? What kind of ideas are being put forward?
    Luckily, I am now retired, but I was trying to think how I would handle it (pun intended), and couldn’t really come up with a comprehensive set of solutions.
  2. grs95

    grs95 New commenter

    I've been put on furlough and so haven't been involved in any discussions. However, the possible solutions could be students coming into school in their PE kits on the day they have PE to save getting changed.
    Then in terms of activities, it might be that team sports are less likely and it will be more running and 'fitness' perhaps?
    Who knows really - I do not see how PE can be properly done with social distancing measures still in place. Schools with large amounts of space will be lucky as they can continue to keep normal class sizes on fields or sports halls. Smaller schools I imagine will have to look at splitting classes up in order to fit them into the spaces following the guidelines...

    I do wonder if the job of PE teacher may become obsolete apart from the academic teachings?
  3. JJ83

    JJ83 New commenter

    I hope not!!

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