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PE teacher offers - advice needed!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by MattyS10, Jun 5, 2017.

  1. MattyS10

    MattyS10 New commenter

    Hello fellow teachers (and everyone this applies too)!

    I’ll try keep this to the point because I would love some guidance on my next steps with my career.

    Basically I have 3 offers (yes lucky) for Aug/Sep and they’ve all come about at once after not having much luck.

    I have 2 years full time teaching experience, 1 year part time (now) and loads of part time experience as an unqualified teacher (PE Specialist).

    So for September I have 3 options and need to make a decision pretty swiftly. I have 3 teaching offers that are in UK, Doha Qatar and Beijing China.

    What I need help with is comparison of salaries and countries because it’s obviously a big and possibly life changing decision.

    Doha – Qatar
    Salary: 17500 qar tax free (£44k)
    Accommodation: 3 months provided
    Flights allowance given and medical provided
    Direct to school job
    2 year contract
    Working 07.30am-2.30/3.30pm

    I need to pay around £400 upfront before July to sort out document transfer etc.

    The school is new, international and right near the main city. The classes would be small and I have done a face to face interview for the job.

    Beijing – China
    Salary: 340000rmb (£38k)
    Accommodation: Allowance monthly of 6000rmb (£600)
    Flights and medical provided
    Job through agency
    2 year contract
    Working 8am-5pm

    This is an established school, although I cannot find reviews anywhere for it. I got the job over Skype. The classes would be small and it is an international school.

    UK – England
    Salary: 33k
    Accommodation: not provided (just to compare to the others)
    Job direct to school
    Permanent contract
    Working 8.30am-4.30pm

    This is an established Indian (not sure whether that matters) independent school. There are mixed reviews online. The classes again would be small.

    I’ll add a couple more things, I do have a girlfriend but I’m not certain where it would go in the future, be hard nonetheless but its also a factor (she does want to return to her native country Romania at some point).

    I’m torn as to which is the best offer as well as which country to live in (I am from England). I have compared cost of living in the 3 countries. Im quite introverted, dont drink much or go out a lot, but do love a city (living in Canary Wharf/Greenwich was amazing) but want to make sure I take the best opportunity.

    I also suffer from Hay Fever (grass and tree pollen) and have no idea how it would be abroad.

    Any advice would be massively appreciated.

    Thank you all in advance.
  2. shevington

    shevington Occasional commenter

    Suggest you put this item on the section teaching overseas, where you may obtain a better response.
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  3. dts

    dts Occasional commenter

    Qatar has just been cut off by its neighbours - they have ended diplomatic relations, told all Qatari citizens to leave and some flights have been suspended. This may make travel to and from Qatar much more difficult over the next few months or longer.
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  4. MattyS10

    MattyS10 New commenter

    Thanks for the replies guys
  5. Landofla

    Landofla Established commenter

    I'd go for the English sch. You never know what you might be getting until you get to the schools abroad. Also, I wouldn't want to sign a two year contract not knowing if I like the sch or country. All the best!
  6. Tinycat1234

    Tinycat1234 Established commenter

    Agree. I would stay away!
  7. nernstlaw

    nernstlaw New commenter

    think about the future....it is much better to stay in the UK if you are planning to move schools etc. well done on the offers! as i understand it, PE is quite an oversubscribed specialism. If you intend staying overseas then choose overseas but if you intend to have a career in the UK, I would suggest the UK post.
  8. Fer888

    Fer888 Occasional commenter

    The problem with Beijing is the pollution- especially if you suffer already from hayfever. China is great though and I love living in Shanghai. I've been to Beijing once so far and my major impression is that traffic is a nightmare!

    With regards to the Qatar school I would be concerned you don't have accommodation provided as rents have increased dramatically due to the world cup preparations. There is also the joy of not being allowed to eave the country unless you have your employers permission. I did seriously consider Qatar a couple of years ago but the school I had an offer from did not have a good reputation among colleagues and on ***.

    I haven't taught in England for over 4 years now so can't comment.

    Of the three of them if you are seriously considering a career overseas choose Beijing but view it as a stepping stone. If you do see a long term future with your girlfriend or want to carry on teaching in the UK then go for the UK post. One thing to consider is if you are intending to go to Romania with her when she moves then international teaching experience could be useful in securing a job there later on.
  9. primenumbers

    primenumbers New commenter

    I guess you are living in London then 33k is almost nothing. I earn much more than that and still can save very little.

    Qatar only gives you a few months accommodation so it is not that good.

    Beijing it is if I was you. However, like the poster above me has mentioned, treat it as a stepping stone before moving to another school in SE Asia, there are many good schools out there in wonderful locations.
  10. September

    September New commenter

    Instinct says Beijing, what an opportunity. Would love to work abroad but at my age I am a bit chicken about it now.
    Ask if you can be put in touch with someone from the school who is happy to give you an honest opinion on it.
    Good luck with your decision.
  11. sbkrobson

    sbkrobson Star commenter

    Well done!
    (Although I'm slightly amused that you have taken on board the "working hours" they've given you.)

    You ought to contact them all today and tell each that you have three job offers on the table. Then see what happens.

    This sort of question is really one to take to your closest associates,friends and family. It's a sort of evening down the pub discussion, where you are going to benefit from advice from people who know you.
    Personally I'd go for the furthest away option irrespective of any of the conditions, because far away places broaden the mind the most. That is how I shaped my earlier career. I never regretted it.
    But it is also a particularly irresponsible and short term way to decide-you might have family plans,property ownership plans, management plans, language learning plans. That's why your loved ones will advise you best.
    DYNAMO67 likes this.
  12. MattyS10

    MattyS10 New commenter

    Is there any advice for finding reviews on a school?

    I'm finding it hard to get reviews through an agent for a school in Beijing and general online searches - also finding it hard to find online for the school in Qatar.

    Anyone have feeback on the students in Qatar / China (both international schools)

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