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PE skills lists

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by kel_mcgann, Oct 12, 2008.

  1. Hi,

    Guess what I would like a copy too - you must feel there is a pattern to this request considering other replies you have received.



  2. I am a PE coordinator in a primary school and I would be very grateful for a copy of the sheets! Thank You!
  3. My email address is eliseevs@hotmail.co.uk if you could possibly email the sheets you have.Thank You!!
  4. Hi Kel.

    I was wondering if you would be able to send me the assessment/tracking sheets that Simon sent you??

  5. Crikey!

    All that emailing!
    Load your resources onto here: LINK

    Then everyone can go grab it for themselves.
  6. I wonder if it would still be possible for you still email this to me, It is a very old forum so I think I am taking a chance..... mayby?

  7. Hi, if anyone has this, could they email it to me? Sounds just what I need.

  8. Hi, Could I possibly jump on the band wagon and have a copy too please? I really need sometihing that is easy to use due to the lack of interest in the subject from some members of staff! Thanks very much, jennyahooper@hotmail.com

  9. Hi Simon,
    Could I possibly have a copy of your PE assessment sheets for tracking pupil progress? I seen your message and thought think they sound great.
    Thanks a lot,
  10. Same please! educate2000@hotmail.co.uk

  11. Hi Simon
    Could I also have a copy of these assessment sheets I have been asked to look for key skills in PE these sound great.
    Becky x
  12. Hi...I saw that many people had requested your easy to use assessment sheets. I am teaching Health and Phys Ed from Junior kindergarten to Grade eight and could really use some assessment help. If at all possible, I would truly appreciate these assessment aids as well...Many thanks.....becky
  13. Hi Simon
    Are these still available?
    Would love to look at them if they are
    Many thanks
  14. HellsandBells

    HellsandBells New commenter

    If it's not too much of a pain, may I also have a copy? They would be much appreciated x

  15. Hi Simon

    Can I ask you for a copy of your assessement sheets? They really sound helpful and was wondering wether they're OK to use in a Special School (autism)?
    Thanks in advance

  16. Hi Simon,
    Can I join the list of people being cheeky and ask if you could send me your assessment sheets too?
    Willing to swop info if I have anything that can be of help to you.
  17. hi
    not sure if you are still sending these out but i would love to have a copy of these. I am Pe coordinator in primary school.


  18. Just about to start doing this for our school. I would be grateful for a copy.


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