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PE schemes of work

Discussion in 'Primary' started by laconn, Jun 23, 2009.

  1. blueprintteacher

    blueprintteacher New commenter

    Frith Manor Mill hill that is
  2. I agree that the LCP scheme of work is excellent.
  3. Hi, just wondering if LCP schemes of work are still any good? I had the same question to ask as the original topic here. Any ideas of what I could use baring in mind the new 2014 curriculum. Any advice from anyone would be hugely appreciated
  4. DFC

    DFC New commenter

    Google PSSI - a good resource that should see you through until the new curriculum comes in.
  5. Thank you very much for replying. Strangely when I type PSSI in google it keeps coming up with 404 page error? any chance you could send me a link to the page please.

    I was hoping to implement the 2014 curriculum this year due to the disapplied curriculum at the moment and the fact I have a new job, might as well start fresh. Unless I am wrong the changes are minimal in terms of content to be taught, there is much more flexibility and no processes; I foresee many teachers continuing with what they are already doing now, even leveling in a similar fashion.

    I am looking for a good scheme of work to make a start and then add my ideas and freshen it up, adding lots of ICT ideas and I already have my own assessment idea in place. I would prefer not to start from scratch writing my own if I can help it, not yet anyway.

    Do you think Val Sabin or LCP may help me get started? I'm not fond of QCA or my LEA schemes of work

    Any help would be appreciated on this,

  6. DFC

    DFC New commenter

  7. I have taken on the PE role this year and we use Val Sabin. For me, as an ex sportsman, it is very sterile. Did not use it at all and just did my own thing so to speak!

    Had a quick look at PSSI and it does look a little more interactive and fun. Thank you for posting up the link.

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