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PE Policy should teacher have a mobile when teaching games on field?

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Kellerina, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. <font size="2">Hi all, </font><font size="2">I am trying to write a new PE policy and need a bit of advice. I have recently taken over teaching outdoor games to the whole school once a week, to ensure quality PE, however I have an issue concerning health and safety. I have been told by my SSCO and by county that I should have a mobile on me when out on the field incase of an accident. I have also been told this on a recent First Aid course. This is so that I can contact emergency services if I needed due to an incident. However my head is saying that I should not have a mobile and that if there was an incident I should send a child in with a red card and wait for a member of SLT or the office staff. I have been on the receiving end when sending a red card and no one attending for 5mins due to the child not finding anyone at the office and the message being passed on wrong. </font><font size="2">My argument is that this could waste valuable time in saving a life or helping a child with a serious injury, and as I am the responsible adult I should be making the calls. </font><font size="2">My heads argument is that I may forget the phone and then be liable if something did happen. I can see her point of view, but as it would be part of my daily PE teaching kit I don't think this will happen. </font><font size="2">I was hoping someone could give a bit of advice, or their own policy concerning games and if they take out a mobile for emergencies. </font><font size="2">Thanks for reading, hope someone can give some advice. </font>[​IMG]
  2. Sounds like a great idea. I take mine swimming (although it is offsite) but am careful not to take it out of my pocket unless I need to.

    Is there a school mobile or radio system that can be used instead? I'm not sure you can insist on people using their personal mobiles (assuming they have them) for any reason.
  3. Well we take one when off site, and I think we should have one for the field. Also I am on my own for most lessons looking after 30 kids with hockey sticks/lacrosse sticks etc. I am taking my own out at the min just in case, I am trying to build up a case to give to my head.
    Thanks for you thoughts though
  4. Sillow

    Sillow Lead commenter

    I take my personal mobile swimming and have it in my pocket on vibrate, just in case. I needed it once to phone school when one of the children had a suspected asthma attack, to keep them up-to-date. As a PE co-ordinator myself, I don't need my mobile in school but would take it if I was taking a team somewhere; the school know I carry it to contact me and I know I can get in touch with someone if need be.
    Obviously if there was a school mobile I could use, I would, but my personal mobile stays in my front pocket and I like to know I can get in touch with school whenever I need to. I think it's really important, as there are so many things that can happen during PE.
  5. sarahmilly

    sarahmilly New commenter

    I would say, Yes!
    ... I always take my phone when I leave my classroom, in this way, I can roam around without another adilt and feel that I can get help if and when needed.
  6. I would take my mobile where ever I go in school. My phone is in my pocket at all times (well mostly). I had my phone stolen 3 years ago as have other staff/pupils. I don't want to lose another.
  7. I would take my mobile where ever I go in school. My phone is in my pocket at all times (well mostly). I had my phone stolen 3 years ago as have other staff/pupils. I don't want to lose another.
  8. Lara mfl 05

    Lara mfl 05 Star commenter

    I would have said it was essential to be able to request immediate help in the case of an emergency if one was alone with a group of children on the field.
    I would write in your rpolicy document something along the lines of -'As advised by SSCO County (whatever is appropriate) there must be a quick means of communication between school & emergency services. Therefore I recommend we look into providing a school mobile/ walkie-talkie (again whatever you deem appropriate in your circumstances)for just such an event' Then the loss of personal phones is not an issue (relieving concerns of other members of staff who may teach PE).
  9. Is it really fair to demand staff use their personal mobiles for this would be my issue. Also you're working on the assumption that everyone has a mobile phone, everyone has one capable of making calls (you've never met my husband who permanently forgets to put credit on his) and that they actually bring the electronic ball and chain into school every day.

    School mobile, or walkie talky to the office seems fairer. I've seen a few schools that use walkie talkies.

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