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PE planning help!

Discussion in 'Physical education' started by Robin65, Sep 8, 2011.

  1. Robin65

    Robin65 New commenter

    Has anyone got any medium term planning I could have a look at for ball skills and games. I am totally useless at PE and could do with some ideas.

    Thanks in advance :)
  2. stopwatch

    stopwatch Occasional commenter

    This is exactly why specialist PE teachers should work in all Primary schools.
    Don't get me wrong, I would hate teaching Music, or Maths or Design Technology, or Chemistry etc etc
  3. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    What age/year group are you teaching?
    Facilities? Class size?
    Obviously you've come on here for some help, but don't worry about any moronic replies to your request.
    I think some people forget this is just an internet forum.
  4. And the request concerns the first steps to a child's lifelong activity patterns. Not at all important!
    Instead of offering resources and sticking plaster fixes I would love to see some primary trained PE teachers offer the details of training schemes, local support and CPD opportunities.
    OP needs to become a lover of PA, trained, knowlegeable and confident. S/he would benefit far more from taking the longer, harder route than being offered a quick fix.
    I know a few more 'moron's' on this forum who would be far less polite than myself on this subject. But it I am constantly surprised that primary PE is so poorly served.

  5. njs1999

    njs1999 New commenter

    Yeah, you're right - there are some absolute idiots posting on this forum, who pick people up on grammar and if the original question/request isn't sent via first class recorded delivery.
    Granted the OP needs to understand what their position is and what it ultimately means. However, posters on this forum are all too quick to bat someone back down if they ask for help.
    I'm sure they'd probably benefit much more from being offered help and also being told your point of view.
  6. gogojonny

    gogojonny New commenter

    You've seen the primary PE thread I started. It amazes me with all the excuses the teachers come out with. They accepted a job as a primary teacher and should have known that PE is a subject that would need to be taught, therefore they need to go away and learn it. There is this horrible 'well someone else will do it for me / PPA teacher will do it'. You don't need CPD to take pupils outside and get them running or show they have to change over the baton in a relay. On the subject of planning the school must have something - most schools have Val Sabin or the like. Quite simply a medium term plan should take into account outdoor activities for autumn, spring and summer (athletics, cricket, rugby) and indoor activities for winter (gymnastics, dance). Search the net, speak to other teachers and other schools. After years of sports partnership funding your school should have a plan in place.
  7. I help when the person asking does not ask for the whole world and does not acknowledge a dislike for a subject that I am passionate about.
    I have my own PE resource site set up for A Level teachers full of my own resources freely available to anyone who asks! They cover the whole syllabus and have taken me years to develop and I am happy to give them away. As I also do here and another resource sharing site.
    BUT when I see people asking for SoWs, assignments etc with no input from themselves I am often left feeling furious and impotent!
    ANY teacher should feel ashamed to ask for such a large amount of someone elses work, especially when there are freely and/or commecially available resources out there. EVEN MORE especially when it is primary - which seems to have almost every second of every day available in an SOW or bought in package - not available at my end of the age range!

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