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PE - PE kits

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sarsy_01, Nov 13, 2011.

  1. Hiya,
    I was just wondering, as I am new to the job of PE co-ordinator, how often should you school/spare PE kits be washed?
    We have a health and safety inspector coming in soon so I need to know how often spare PE kits should be washed.
    Thanks x
  2. i would say that you shouldnt really have spare PE kits - I dont wash mine ever in order to deter the kids from needing them
  3. I agree. Often parents assume Johnny can "borrow" a kit and every week. I once told mine that the school kit had never been washed in the 8 years I had worked at the school and that it was worn by lots of children every week. They didn't want to borrow it again.
    We have the same issue with reading books. They go home never to be rerturned. Thus we are hunting for the same copy to hear them read and when we don't/can't those parents complain we aren't hearing their child read.
    I remember children having to do PE in their underwear if they didn't have a kit - only once they had to do that !!
    That was when I was in Primary school in the 70's and 80's. !!
  4. If they use a spare kit the child should take it home, wash it and bring it back in.
  5. If we did that we'd never see it again !

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