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Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by moresparkles, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. Sorry about lack of paragraphs and spelling errors, on my phone!
  2. Hi, I'm on my phone also so excuse lack of paragraphs. I only discovered I had pcos this year trying for a year and only having 3 periods in a year. To cut a very long story short I started clomid 3 months ago and I ovulated on it each time. Now on my third cycle and hoping for a bfp very soon. It is soul destroying, I'm so fed up with it all, already. I have a 6 month supply and if no pregnancy er have to go back to fertility clinic. If you have no cycle I would as gp for a referal to fertility clinic. Hope this helps, sorry for little moan just feeling fed up. Need my holiday. Take care x
  3. Thanks shelia. Wondering how long to leave it before I go to gp. I think i'm going to less it to end of June. That will then be 2 months since last period. Fingers crossed for a bfp for you very soon x
  4. I dont have pcos but a friend who does got her periods back having acupuncture. If it was me I would give that a try before medical intervention. Acupuncture gives me 28 day cycles where naturally they are a little irregular. Good luck.
  5. Hi moresparkles - I too love the TTC thread and find it very supportive, but I also find that I struggle sometimes to find something positive to say about myself.
    How can you properly TTC when you don't OV? It really gets me down sometimes.
    I came off the pill in November and had a long(ish) cycle. Only 50 days so nothing major. I was fine with that. I had secretly hoped that the surge in fertility would help me get pregnant quickly too.
    I decided to start using OPKs and chart my bbt. The next cycle I got 2 or 3 surges on the OPKs but my temps did not shift.
    Since then I have had regular(ish) cycles ranging from 27 to 32 days. I went to the GP and found she was really helpful. She really too me seriously even though we had only been trying a few months. I did tell a little white lie and added a few months on.
    She sent me for Bloods and scans and was confirmed to have PCOS at the beginning of May. They also said that with what my temps are showing, they are fairly certain that I do not OV.
    I have been referred to the gyneacologist (sp?) and have an appointment at the end of June.
    In the mean time, I am carrying on temping to show if and when I OV. I have been lent a CBFM off a friend and hope that with it testing for more than 1 hormone, it might be clearer to follow than the OPKs for when I do OV.
    I have also been taking Evening Primose oil and Soy and been going for accupuncture for the past 2 cycles. Since doing this, it has shown on Fertility Friend that my temps are becoming much more stable with possible signs of OV trying to happen.
    I would strongly recommend going to your GP. Get them to retest you for PCOS and then a referral. Depending on your GP, they should start the ball rolling fairly quickly due to you having the condition.
    Although I have regular cycles, and not quite the same as you, have you tried any of the herbs to try and regulate your cycles? There is a fantastic site - Verity - that is specifically for people with PCOS and there are alot of ladies on there who swear by Agnus Castus to help regulate them. Might be worth a look.
    Really sorry for the long post, alothough I do not have a happy ending to share just yet, I am hoping it is not too far off for any of us.
  6. I went to see Gynae for a differnt gyne problem (nothing TTC related). He told me I had to come off the pill (won't bore with details). I explained I had PCO and he ran ALL the tests again to confirm. Once it was confirmed (I had been diagnosed at 19 and I was then 31) he said I wouldn't concieve naturally and did I want clomid. I didn't really want to take the clomid and progesterone so left it a while sitting in my coupboard. I think I had 2 (maybe 3) periods in 7 months and I managed to concieve totally naturally In February after my 2nd natural period.
    I was really lucky that month and I actually ovulated on day 14 as well. I nearly missed ovulation as mymonthlycycles suggested ovulation on day 27.
    I had started having reflexology, taking cough medicine, drinking water and using pre-seed just in case I did ovulate.
    I'm now 14 weeks PG so it is possible( I know I was very lucky). Just wanted to say it can happen but do go to the Dr if it doesn't but maybe try something alternative before you do. You never know what can happen
  7. i was on the pill for 3 years and didn't come on for over a year after coming off it (and didn't have any whilst on it either).
    i also conceived naturally after being told i never ever would so it is possible, but log that you're TTC with your GP so that you're on the system and can get referred through sooner.
    good luck x
  8. Been to the doctors tonight, been referred for some more blood tests to check hormone levels etc. Also advised oh to go to his docs and get a sample of his goods checked, make sure no issues there. At least he took me seriously, and didnt tell me to come back in a few months!
  9. nickyt

    nickyt New commenter

    Hi Moresparkles
    I also have PCOS. I tried for a while at 27 to get pregnant but after about 5 months rang to get a private appt to be seen. It wasn't that expensive - about £80 for appt and scan which confirmed PCOS. I was prescribed metformin on NHS and took it for a few months but to no avail. Then I was prescribed Clomid on the NHS which I took for about 4 months but again no joy. The next stage was hormone injections. I was told I could have 4 tries at these (4 months) and then I would have to move onto next stage - maybe IUI. On the third month i got a BFP! I now have a little girl of 21 months who is a joy.
    Surprisingly in Feb I discovered that I was pregnant again, with no treatment and am due in Nov.I feel that because this time we really didn't expect to get pregnant and therefore weren't stressing about it, that is why it happened - sods law! So difficult not to think of conceiving when actively trying!
    I would advise that you don't leave it too long before going to the GP to ask for a referral or getting a private appt. You can never tell how long the process is going to take. It is so frustrating when you don't ovulate every month, therefore you feel that your chances are reduced already.
    My doctor was very positive about my treatment and said that although PCOS acffects fertility, you are far from infertile. He felt that it was just a matter of treatment and time.

    All the best in your treatment whether you choose natural or medical.
  10. So there is light at the end of the tunnel then, thanks Nickyt, and congrats on the pregnancy.
    How are things going Omega? Once hubby has been to be checked and we have both of our results back I'll go to docs and see what the next action is.
  11. Nickyt - I love reading positive stories about TTC with PCOS. Thank you and congrats.

    moresparkles - I have just come to the end of a 12 day AF. [​IMG] Only very light but have been so fed up with it. I have the gynae appointment next week so I will mention that to him. I have a huge list of questions to ask him. Just hope that I get some answers and not told to come back when I have lost some weight. It is just so hard.
    My BMI is just over 30. I lost around 2 stone last year at Slimming World but when I came off the pill in November, the weight just seemed to stop coming off. My diet hadn't changed so couldn't understand it, got very disheartened and stopped going to SW.
    I have now been trying to keep to a lower GI diet which doesn't seem to be helping either.
    Good luck with all your test results.
  12. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Are any of you PCOS ladies on Metformin?
  13. No but have read alot about it. Maybe the gyn will talk about it next week. I do have type 2 diabetes in the family - on my mums side (maternal grandmother, mother and her brother all have it), so it could well be a possiblity.
  14. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    I'm on metformin, and it has totally transformed my life.
    I have what the gynae described as Stubborn PCOS, and although my symptoms are still very much there, they have reduced.
    It's HELL to get onto the drug, but worth it in the long term!

    Just thought I'd tell you.
  15. Thanks lilachardy, it's great to hear stories of others who have been through it - hopefully I will have an understanding Gynae.
    The longer I have been off the pill, the worse the symptoms have got.
    The only thing that I am greatful of is having regular(ish) AFs which my GP was suprised at because of the lack of OV.
  16. Hi I wanted to post a more positive response after my last on. Only discovered i had pcos in March and got prescribed clomid. The positive news is I have ovulated twice on clomid with no side effects. I'll keep you all updated on how I get on. Good luck. X
  17. Hi shelia - your story really gives me hope. Good uck hun. Hope you get your BFP soon. Xx
  18. I'm on metformin and have been since I was 21, I am now 29! I was diagnosed with PCOS by an endocrinologist as my testosterone was so high the GP was worried!

    I took Clomid for 2 cycles to conceive my son, who was born in October 2007, but I had to take metformin throughout the pregnancy as I had 3 miscarriages previous to that pregnancy which they gynaecologist felt may be due to hormonal imbalances from stopping the metformin. It's not licenced in pregnancy but he told me that there should be no problem.

    I was well read on all the journals when I asked to be prescribed metformin and the endocrinologist agreed it was the right treatment. It is no magic bullet but I know it keeps my blood sugar stable as it didn't waver all through my pregnancy; PCOS is a huge risk factor for gestational diabetes!

    I am Ttc again now, stopped taking Dianette in April, so we shall see what happens. GP tells me second pregnancies with PCOS are often easier, but nothing yet!

    Just another thing for PCOS ladies - after my son, I had the mirena coil fitted. It was fab for about 6 months, then I had horrendous cysts, the worst cyst pain, mood swings, loss of libido - GP then told me that it was possible that the mirena caused it and there are lawsuits in America, and that it was especially bad for PCOS women - just in case any of you were thinking of after baby contraception!

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