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payment for tutors at tutor doctor

Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by acinom18, Feb 12, 2013.

  1. acinom18

    acinom18 New commenter

    Does anyone know where to fill in the bank details whilst being employed by tutor doctor.
    Ive recently registered but i cannot recall giving my bank details to be paid and cant find any grids to fill in.
  2. I was not aware that TD was operating in the UK. May I ask how much they pay their tutors?

  3. joanneiwood

    joanneiwood New commenter

    They ask for it on first pay day! Well that's what my guy did.
  4. voiceman23

    voiceman23 New commenter

    Upon registration one of the documents you received with tutor doctor would have been a bank details request form.
    You will have a liasion person- ie the person who 'interviewed' you and accepted you as a tutor in their area. You could always send your details to them.

    If all else fails when you email/post them your invoice- send over your bank details as well.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Thank you for the kind responses! NOT!

  6. I have seen them advertise in the jobcentre and it is £20 an hour I believe.
  7. Thanks for the answer!
    I thinkt he only way to fight these very low wages (considering that travel time is not factor in which transforms the 20 pounds to more like 15 (Here in N. A., it is $20, but often more like $18) is to refuse to work for such low wages, even though university students or near graduates will be happy with these wages! Maybe forming a union would help a lot! These wages are the same than they were 20 years ago before I got hired as a teacher! Another way, of course, is to accept the business and quickly talk to the client, negotiating a wage minus the middle "organization" when the hours/the contract with TD expire(s), which should make both parties happy!I have heard that TD takes about $50 from the client! That's a great business! TD is tapping into the university student and I have heard that clients have mixed feelings about the qualioty of work. The marketing is enticing and very professional, however!


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