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Paying Student Loan when abroad

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by goosey200, Apr 24, 2012.

  1. goosey200

    goosey200 New commenter

    I'm doing a second stint of working abroad and, for the second time, I let the tax office know I was leaving the country (last time I did that I got a tax rebate, sadly not this time!)
    My parents back in the UK who are kindly dealing with any post for me have said that teh Student Loans Company have been told by the Tax people that I am working abroad and they have given me 28 days to let them know 'how I am supporting myself abroad financially'.
    I haven't yet seen the letter but I'm guessing that they will some way try and get me to pay back a portion month by month as if I was working in the UK. I know that if I was earning what I am now back in the UK then I'd definitely qualify to make repayments. I didn't move abroad to get out of paying it, honestly (!) but I thought that if I wasn't being paid through a UK company then I wouldn't need to make any repayments?
    Anyone been in a similar situation?
  2. Hello. Yes, I am also in this situation. They keep sending me letters asking for information, with the 'if you do not reply within 28 days you will be liable for blah blah amount and could be also be fined for not providing information blah blah'. Or something to that effect.
    So, I keep on sending information and keep receiving the same letters. I filled in the forms they sent, sent them letters on headed paper, sent them confirmations of my income...and sometimes it is hard to get the information back there within 28 days when the letters are dated at least 10 days before I get them! Argh!

  3. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    Fill out the overseas income assessment form and send that with a copy of your contract. Have done this twice now and never had any problems with the process.
    http://www.studentloanrepayment.co.uk/portal/page?_pageid=93,6678653&_dad=portal&_schema=PORTAL should provide you with all the info.

    I too thought I wouldn;t have to pay but sadly this isn't the case. Coincedently, I have just received a lovely letter from them telling me about the extra I have to pay, on top of what was already a steep hike in repayments, thanks to Davie Cameron.

  4. rednelly84

    rednelly84 Occasional commenter

    I faxed mine.

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