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Paying CRB many times ??

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by merymay, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. Hi,

    I was on the process of registering to supply in college but they said that due to legal matter ( or legislation, not sure )previous enhanced CRBs can not be transferred and I had to send a cheque £ 36 in their name...

    Does this mean each time I want to be registered to a supply teaching agency I have to pay £ 36 each time ?

    Any enlightening on this,appreciated :)
  2. Hi,

    I was on the process of registering to supply in college but they said that due to legal matter ( or legislation, not sure )previous enhanced CRBs can not be transferred and I had to send a cheque £ 36 in their name...

    Does this mean each time I want to be registered to a supply teaching agency I have to pay £ 36 each time ?

    Any enlightening on this,appreciated :)
  3. hi
    i worked for agency for a year and still am attached in one way or other however this is how it works
    for every work you are put forward for by different agencies you have to have new crb
    my advice find one agency in your area stick with them that way you wont be spreading yourself thin either.
    what area are you in?
  4. I am in Leeds, what about you ?
  5. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    If you don't get much work with one you may have to register with a few as back up though, and yes, you generally have to pay each time.
  6. I am not 100% but I think the CRB ruling has changed AGAIN.

    I had to sign a declaration with a different agency to the one I am working with that they could have access to the current agencies copy.

    I think under new DfES ruling, they other organisations are allowed to see the orignal organisations copy of the CRB. As the organisational copy contains different information to the one we receive.

    I hope that makes sense.
  7. There are three main areas in supply that are guaranteed to get my blood boiling:
    - Kids' behaviour;
    - the GTC fee direct debit
    - The endless CRB checks required.

    I work via two agencies. I currently have CRB disclosures for both. I registered with one last September, they sighted my other disclosure, but because I hadn't work for them continuously since then, they then deducted £36 last month for a 'new' disclosure. I am in the process of enquiring about the possibility of tax relief on this, because I do not see why I should have this not insignificant sum taken from me in this way - if it was a fiver I wouldn't bother.
  8. auntybiotic,

    I am shocked!!! How can an agency deduct money from your pay for a check they haven't completed? Surely you would need to fill out the paperwork for a CRB check to be carried out in your name? I cannot see how your agency can justify this deduction considering they were happy at the time to use the CRB check you originally had carried out (which you paid for)!!!

    Please explain :O I am so frustrated by this situation that I have emailed the DfES for conformation of the present government policy re CRB checks and Supply teachers.
  9. The final indignity is an agency that has had my 36 quid and got a CRB but refuses to employ me because one school I did supply at has closed and cannot provide a reference.

    The agency's response, "you might have been in prison for those three months."

    Apparently the CRB check is not even trusted to provide an accurate criminal record.
  10. janemk

    janemk New commenter


    Make of that what you will. At the top it says portability no longer endorsed. At the bottom it talks about new law passed Sept 06 whereby agencies can share the info, but I was signed up in Feb and March 07 with two agencies who both insisted they had to have new ones...
  11. I agree with aunty it is very unfair to have to pay £ 36 each time we register. and tax deduction will denfinetely aliviate this, but so far I guess we will have to grind and bear !!!

    Thanks for all the replies ;)
  12. My agency repaid the CRB cost after my first 10 days of work for them. However.... I have just started a short term contract in a school where I've done lots of day to day cover since September. Seems my CRB was fine for day to day, which has been unbroken for this authority since Sept, but they now need me to do another one!!zzzzzzz
    When I lived in Cheshire some individual schools asked me to complete CRB checks especially for them!!
  13. merymay!
    contact academic appointments in leeds 08707391411
    ask for julie maughan if you want regular work and in area you wish to work.
  14. janemk,

    the article you pasted is correct - at the top it states "CRB no longer facilitates portability". this means that CRB no longer gives out details of the portability to be completed.

    CRB fully allows portability to take place as stated in the paragraph at the bottom where is says agencies can communicate with each other regarding details on CRB disclosures.

    The problem of multiple CRB checks arises as some agencies stubbornly refuse to supply the details of CRB disclosures. It is these agencies that are making it seriously difficult for supply teachers to get work.

    when you register with an agency if they say they want money for a CRB, ask them to go to your previous agency first for portability - as long as your CRB is within one year old. as long as your first agency are nice, you will be able to register with plenty of agencies and only pay for one CRB.

    i hope this helps
  15. This absurd situation has gone on for far too long. Don't suppose Capita are unhappy about it though....
  16. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    Hi fluglebinder. In theory it helps. In practice, my second agency wouldn't even consider asking my first agency, even though my CRB was 4 weeks old! They did pay half of the fee, but will take another quarter of the money when I do some work for them, so I will have paid £27 in total for it. They just won't do it. They want to cover themselves.
  17. jane,
    i think it is silly that agency 2 will not ask agency 1 for portability - unless they know already that agency one are little sods and dont give out portability (in which case agency 1 are hindering you getting work, especially if they also made you pay for the first CRB)

    capita were laughing all the way to the bank when portability was not allowed as you had to have a CRB for every agency/LEA that you worked through. now that CRB have allowed portability capitas gravy train has been marginally slowed down.

    to everyone,when registering with an agency i would advise that you tell them that if they require you to pay for the CRB then you WILL require them to issue portability to everyone that asks them for it. get this starigh ta at the start and there should be no problems.
  18. janemk

    janemk New commenter

    No, agency 1 are not awkward - they would have given the info. But I think the bit you're mssing is this:

    "organisations that choose to accept a previously issued Disclosure do so at their own risk".

    They are not forced to accept someone else's checks, and they do so AT THEIR OWN RISK. It's a risk many won't take. Agency 2 wanted to get their own checks/ID etc and wouldn't sign me if they couldn't. It's not a question of agencies refusing to give portability - it's of other agencies refusing to accept it.
  19. Yes, Jane has the key. Employers MAY accept previous disclosures - but there is no incentive for them to do so as it is not their money. The larger the organisation, the more risk averse they tend to be.
  20. After a number of posts on this forum highlighted the problem of CRB checks I took it upon myself to email the DFES.

    I have chosen to copy and past the following from the reply I received today. I hope this helps :)

    'Agencies should obtain an Enhanced CRB check when they first register or engage a teacher, and should obtain a fresh Enhanced CRB check every three years, or earlier if the teacher has a break in service of three months or more, or if there are grounds for concern about the person's suitability to work with children'

    'Teachers who are on the books of more than one agency at the same time need not be asked to obtain a separate Enhanced CRB check by each agency. In those circumstances the second or subsequent agency should require the teacher to produce his or her copy of the CRB check obtained by the first agency, and should verify the validity of the document by checking with the first agency. If the disclosure includes any information then the second agency will need to obtain a copy of the disclosure so it can be transferred to any school or Further Education college (FE) to which they supply the individual. The second agency will, however, need to obtain a separate CRB Disclosure if the first agency advises that the police disclosed additional (brown envelope) information that was not included on the teacher?s copy of the CRB Disclosure.'

    I hope this helps you all argue your point when an agency states you need to pay for yet another unnecessary CRB check :)

    Good luck

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