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paying back maternity pay

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by dew_a_change, Jan 1, 2011.

  1. oops, keyboard got mind of its own!
    <table cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0"><tr><td class="post">thanks for responding.

    So i have to do a term really in order to avoid paying anything back?
    For example if i went back in may 2012 (after easter break) would i first give my notice that i wasn't coming back in september and would this mean i also get my summer pay?
  2. Hi. I'm not in this position myself, but I believe that you must give in your notice before the deadline (which is usually Witsun half term) for your school to employ someone for September. You can go back for 13 weeks (which includes holidays) to avaoid having to pay back your maternity and your employment will officially end on 31 Aug, so you will get paid up until then. Hope that helps?
  3. My understanding is that you have to pay back to 12 weeks 50% pay, but not the SMP part of the same time and in order not to pay it back you have to work 13 weeks. If you would be due back summer term, remember the summer holidays will count in that, so it wouldn't be a full term. If might be worth contacting your LA as I have heard someone say that their LA said it doesn't have to be full time, but the union literature says it is equivalent of 13 weeks full time.
    I knew someone who didn't want to return but couldn't really pay it back and eventually went back after about 18 months, but only for the 13 weeks.
    I would be interested to know why you are working this out - is it because you want to leave teaching or don't want to leave the baby or just want to know your options?
    Hope you are it sorted.
  4. If you returned on the first day of the may half term, you would only need to actually 'work' for 6 or 7 weeks as holidays count towards the 13 weeks.
    If you definitly don't want to return to work at all and the timings fit, it's worth remembering that even if you have handed in your resignation to leave on the 31st August, you can return to work on the first day of the summer holidays in order to be paid in full for this time (the same goes for any holiday).
    The money you will earn during the summer holidays will more or less be the same as the money you will have to pay back.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I didn't know about the thirteen weeks at all prior to this. I'm just looking at options, not sure how i'm going to feel. Would like to work, but only part-time, but guess i won't know if that works until i try it - i may not feel comtortable with leaving baby, and what if i don't get a part-time contract with my current employer seeing as people are already talking about 'letting teachers go'.

    Lot to think about!

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