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Pay scales

Discussion in 'Scotland - Primary' started by Empress27, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. Empress27

    Empress27 New commenter

    Reposted from another forum as was told I might get more luck here.
    Sorry if this seems a daft question, but I’m unable to find anything online to help me. I understand probationers are paid on Point 0 of the scale and then obviously your pay goes up the longer you teach. How long is it between pay scales before you go up? I’m no longer a probationer, but I am still on Point 0. How long do I need to be teaching before I go up a scale? Also, do you need to be in a long-term or full-time job for this to happen? I’m currently on a year long maternity cover. Thank you.
  2. lifeinthe852

    lifeinthe852 New commenter

    @Empress27 Your salary should increase at the start of each academic year. You must complete 1 full year of teaching for it to increase each time. You may need to point out to the council that you should be paid at point 1, especially if this is a new contract you've started. Hope that helps
  3. Empress27

    Empress27 New commenter

    Thank you for this. I managed to get in touch with our local council and they told me that it's every year you are contracted with them. It turned out I hadn't sent my full registration form in when I got it so had been paid as a probationer for a while! My fault though, for some reason I thought they got this automatically. But I get back paid so all is good. Thanks for replying.

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