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pay scale

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by Mr_Teacher336d, Nov 24, 2019.

  1. Mr_Teacher336d

    Mr_Teacher336d New commenter


    I was wondering if anyone could please advise me on this. I started at a FE college last September with one term left of my NQT as I had already completed two at a school, which I had done maternity cover at. I started the job at the first pay scale which is £23,720. All year I have been going above and beyond in my role doing more then established teachers and constantly being told my management how much I am valued and how good I am.

    When I passed my Nqt in January I was automatically moved onto the next pay scale as I was told college's start new pay from September. I will probably be moved to new pay scale next month and backdated to September 2019 not January. However what has upset me is that I have realised in April 2019 they hired an nqt with two terms left (who is a friend of mine) who has started on the next pay scale, Yet this person asks me for help and I am way ahead in terms of being a teacher. I was wondering if should ask to go to the third pay scale and a miss a pay scale. Is this this something that can be done?

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