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Pay Scale for Support Staff

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by jnrs, Mar 4, 2012.

  1. Hi, I have applied for a job and the pay scale is TA2 point 12, I have no idea what this means and would be grateful if somebody could explain or point me in the direction of a link that explains this.

    Many thanks

  2. The pay scale could be: http://www.navca.org.uk/nr/rdonlyres/33515254-9306-4de3-8e2f-70079439e1e0/0/15njcscales.doc (current, as pay freeze in force). I might be entirely wrong and the scale is not the same as this, though.
    It seem sthat you should be looking at SCP 12, but that is 52 weeks per year, full working week (37 hours?) so the actual pay rate would need to be pro-rata for term time (44 weeks?) and reduced weekly hours (30?) so would actually be about 0.69 (roughly, two thirds) of what the SCP amount is before pro-rata.
    No doubt someone will either confirm i am right or correct me if I am wrong!
  3. Actually remembered, the lower pay points did go up. Search NJC pay scales. Point 12 is now £15,039 to £15,44 ie from £10,377 after pro-rata applied but before any allowances, eg london weighting etc.
  4. Surely the best thing to do is to contact the school and ask them.
  5. Of course that is the best thing Tom, just thought I would see if somebody could help on the forum as I am new to all of this.

    Thanks for the advice
  6. Thank you that is very helpful, I am unfamiliar with pay scales but your information has helped. I will be contacting the school on Monday to find out for sure.

    Thank you again!

  7. Did you get an answer?
    If so, was I right?
    Are you applying for the jpob?
    Please let us know, the suspense is too much to bear.........

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