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pay related performance management -Birmingham City Council

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by susanedards, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Thanks for your reply. It has been very helpful. We will see what the future brings!
  2. Hi Ophelia, I was hoping you would reply to this. How is the 'behaviour' target being set in your school?
  3. Ophelia 9

    Ophelia 9 New commenter

    Hi - well, I haven't yet had my PM meeting (think I am deliberately being left till last as they see me as 'tricky'!) but there were a couple of examples of possible behaviour targets on the paperwork HR provided to schools (through the HR Portal as mentioned in my last post) and I believe something along these lines is being requested in my school. the objectives are:
    Support the school ethos of respect for each other by:
    listening to the opinions of others in meetings
    Responding sensitively to differences
    Support the school's aim for an inclusive culture by:
    Treating everyone fairly and with respect when answering their questions.
    Providing support to children with different needs to ensure they are able to participate in group activities. (This seems to be me to be one which cannot be only the responsibilty of a TA and therefore not an appropriate target for them.)
    Now the fairly obvious problem with this is there is no definitive method of judging whether these targets are being met - in other words, management can decide you haven't met them even if you believe that you have! I consider them decidedly 'airy-fairy' and vague and am not over-happy at all. I suppose we should just be grateful that, unlike non-schools staff, we are not being expected to have behaviour targets linked to what we do in our own time (in case employees bring the council into disrepute with their behaviour!)
    The whole behaviour objective, with it's huge weighting and all the implications , is a total can of worms and I can foresee real problems in the future. As I said in my previous post, I haven't yet encountered anyone who really seems to know what we should be doing with this new PM system.
  4. Is this going to be countrywide with every Local authority do you think?
  5. What sort of evidence are you being asked to provide? At my school it is becoming a paper collecting exercise. Are any of your teachers being asked to write and sign statements as evidence TA towards targets?

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