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Pay Rates for HLTAs?

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Margareen, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. I get paid by the hour as a HLTA, not a salary, and get £11.89 per hour. My authority is really tight cos I don't get all my hours at this rate, some are as a TA at £8.67 an hour. There are very few 'full time' HLTA roles in my authority so salaries quoted by others seem really good to me!
  2. Yes I get £11.89 per hour too. I am contracted for 37 hours per week.
  3. Hi I am Grade 4 HLTA in a Special School and earn £12.90 per hour (this includes SNA). I am at the top of my grade and have been doing this role for 5yrs - so no more increments! I too am contracted for a 32.5hr week but in actual fact often work in excess of a 12hr day (school and home) preparing resources,planning and completing records which cannot be done during contracted hours. What a dedicated bunch we all are.
  4. I get £900 p/m take-home for a 31hr week, including 4 afternoons' PPA cover across KS2, and absence cover as needed. The HLTA qualification adds an extra dimension to the job, and as it's pretty much the only career development available within the TA framework, it's probably worth doing... The pay is rubbish, though.
    Good luck with it!
  5. I earn as a HLTA just over £14,000 a year for 31 hours a week 39 weeks of the year if this information helps.
  6. I take home £1050 for a 37 hour week as a HLTA.
  7. I am quite shocked at how much wages vary. I am a level 2 TA and I work 29 hours a week. I earn more than some of the HLTAs who have posted on this thread, and they work more hours than me! How can it be fair that someone who is a higher grade than me is earning less? Is this down to regional variations, or the fact that I have reached the top of the grade 2 payscale as compared to someone who is at the lower end of the level 4 scale? I have just taken my HLTA assessment, but I am seriously wondering if I would be worse off if I took a HLTA job.
  8. I was told last year that they were trying to put support staff up and down the UK on the same pay band, this meant us up north, who get paid for our holidays would not get holiday pay but a pay rise. This would put us on par with the wages of support staff in the south, as they don't get holiday pay but earn more. Uptil now it's never happened but apparently this is wha'ts on its way for every one in the UK, teachers included. I could be wrong! [​IMG]
  9. I know that a few years ago I had my pay frozen when my LA implemented single status pay. I thought that the point of this was to bring all TAs on to the same payscale, but clearly this never happened. I won't be holding my breath for the confusion to be sorted any time soon. There is also confusion with all of the different courses and qualifications available to TAs too. The whole system is a mess.
  10. Totally agree. I'm supposed to be Nursery Nurse level 3 but apparently I'm classed as a TA level 2 and an HLTA is now classed as a level 3 in my LA ??? They are trying to phase out Nursery Nurses and replace them with TA's or HLTA. Totally confused
  11. Hiya this does seem a very low wage for the number of hours you will be working. I've worked as a ALTA for a number of years and last year I earned just under £17000 and i only work 30 per week. Hope this helps.
  12. Hi
    I am working as a HLTA contracted for 37 hours a week and I have been doing for the past 5 years. I am on the top of the pay scale now which is Salary Scale Point (SSP) 31, I started at SSP 28. My school has undertaken its own Job Evaluation exercise but has come virtually in line with that of the LEA. My salary is the same as if I was working these hours at this grade in any other school in my LEA. After Job Evaluation in my area they have introduced 2 levels of Level 2 TAs. These are 2a and 2b. The 2as are on SSP 12-17 and 2bs SSP 17-19. The 2bs do "emergency" cover for absent teachers. In my school we have Level 3 Cover Supervisors who do this. The job that has been advertised in your school seems to me to have a Level 2b salary for a HLTA responsibilities. I think this is wrong. I would also check with your local council as to whether 40 hours a week is classed as full time because it is 37 hours a week in my LEA. I am paid for 47.47 weeks of the year plus 5 INSET days.
    I know that pay differs around the country but the whole idea of introducing HLTAs was that they should have to demonstrate that they can achieve the same competencies as a Newly Qualified Teacher and therefore be paid the same salary. I personally think the salary is a complete rip off, the hours are unacceptable and the level of responsibilty too high for a salary of £13000. However most of us actually work far in excess of 40 hours a week but only get paid for our contracted hours. I fit includes working through your lunch then forget it because believe me you will need some down time if you take on this role.

    I hope this helps
  13. JC3


    Hi I have been paid as HLTA for the last 2 years, having gained my HLTA accreditation. My salary at scale 6 should have been 26,000 per year but pro-rata I started at 20,000 and after a couple of increments am now on 21,250. My role is 35 hours a week and includes teaching ICT as PPA cover, SEN maths and English groups and 10 hours ICT Technician. I am involved with planning for my groups, and I plan my ICT lessons following borough guidelines. The TA's who provide unplanned! cover are scale 4.
    I hope this helps. [​IMG]
  14. otter007

    otter007 New commenter

    I've been an HLTA in Primary for 3 years and am paid an hourly rate of just under £13.50 per hour.
    I am employed for 25.5 hours per week (although like most other TAs/HLTAs actually work many more hours than this) and this involves:
    # Taking whole classes four afternoons a week ,including planning and marking
    # Co-ordinating , delivering and marking Maths and Literacy Intervention Schemes (Springboard, ELS, Quest and other in house interventions)
    # Covering teacher absence - sickness, training courses, meetings and non-contact time
    # "Anything else that you are asked to do" - the all encompassing statement that seems to be in every TA/HLTAs job description, if we have one at all!

    £13000 for a 40 hour week sounds unreasonable to me. We have full time TAs who are probably on a similar salary and have far less responsibilty.

    Hope this helps.

  15. Dear all,

    Thank you so much for your replies - really helpful, and truly enlightening!!

    I'm astonished to find out how much salaries across the country seem to vary for similar responsibilities.

    As Yogs points out, it's clearly a mess!

    It's helped me, also, to reach a decision. I wouldn't take the job if offered it. I really feel I'm worth more, so I'm now looking around in the hope of finding a new position for September.

    Thank you all again.

  16. It's rubbish, i'm a HLTA and I work 33 hours a week and some and only get £13,000 ,we all work so hard ,wish it would reflect in our wages . Best wishes Margie.
  17. I work 30 hours a week covering 5 PPA lessons, PE, RE over two classes, Music, PSHE, do all the planning, assessements, and write reports at the end of the year!! for about £13000 they are taking the mick!

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