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Pay over summer - can I stop losing it

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by zcsaa44, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. zcsaa44

    zcsaa44 New commenter

    Essentially I am in a maternity contract and worried that I am going to lose my summer pay because the school will terminate my contract just before the summer holidays. The contract is until the end of August or until the member of staff returns to work, which I think she will do for the last week of term to make sure she gets paid over summer.

    Last year I was in the same place on a maternity cover and they tried to cut my contract at the beginning of the summer holidays to start a new contract at the beginning of the new school year, this was put a stop to because I had been assured in my interview if I stayed another year I would get paid over the summer.

    I am hoping that as they will keep me on till the end of the school year, even when the member of staff has returned and I will be working up until the last minute I might have a leg to stand on or will it be fine for them to terminate my contract in the middle of a holiday.
  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    The only way to guarantee getting a pro-rata amount of holiday pay is to be paid on full daily rate like supply teachers/casual staff.
    Pay would be annual salary divided by 194 this year (195 usually when there's no Golden Jubilee extra holiday). Don't accept a calculation that counts the day as just the contact hours in the day.
    The downside of supply daily rate is that you only get paid for days in work (no sick pay).
    The summer term is 65 days in most areas. Assuming that they want you in on INSETS, you would earn 64 divided by 194 x 100 = 33.5% of your annual salary, meaning that your gross pay would incorporate nearly 22 days of holiday pay (21 if not employed for INSETS). That's just over 4 weeks of paid holiday against 7 weeks (1 week at half term and 6 over the summer) if they paid you on contract to 31st August (unlikely) and (more likely) just one week of holiday pay at half-term if the postholder elects to 'returns to work' on the first day of the summer break.
  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    A member of my Dept is on ML and planning to return in the last week of the summer term - her MLcover will <u>definitely</u> be paid for the summer holidays: I checked with the Head.

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