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Pay from government during school closures for day to day supply teachers?

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by teddybelle, Mar 22, 2020.

  1. teddybelle

    teddybelle New commenter

    Does anyone know if supply teachers are entitled to anything from the government? We pay tax and national insurance so do we qualify for any payment?
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  2. lovejoy_antiques

    lovejoy_antiques Senior commenter

    Speak to your union. Contact your agencies payroll dept, I don't think the government have fully thought it all out yet. If the government has closed schools and asked people to stay home then they can't put supply teachers in a position where they either go under financially or risk their health going out looking for any job available.
  3. tonymars

    tonymars Established commenter

    Can't they?

    Sunak's announcements on Friday sounded dramatic, but what will they mean in practise? I'll be glued to LBC radio today.
  4. gingerhobo48

    gingerhobo48 Star commenter

    LBC is my favourite radio station too but I haven’t been listening to it recently as I’m trying to take a bit of a break from Covid 19.We have sky news on in the background sometimes and Mr GH gets news flashes on his phone and we tune into Boris everyday but he doesn’t seem to be making much sense:confused:.
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  5. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    Much discussion in the papers yesterday about how workers in the gig economy, zero hours contracts, etc - which broadly includes supply teachers - have not had any protection yet from the government equivalent to the 80% salary support for 'permanent' staff. Apparently there is pressure politically on the Chancellor to look at this again so I wouldn't be surprised if there are further announcements that might help supply teachers.

    In the meantime unions are the best source of information on the latest position.

    I heard on a phone in programme the recommendation that workers in this position could usefully search out their paperwork for payslips and tax returns evidencing their earnings over the last 3 years. The rationale was that a practical issue the Treasury are struggling with for gig economy etc workers is "80% of what?" so if something is brought in the onus on you might be to provide evidence of earnings.
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  6. Popple83

    Popple83 New commenter

    I thought he mentioned zero hours were covered in his speech?
    I know it is less than clear on the government website and doesn't mention zero hours....
  7. gregjones

    gregjones New commenter

    I think people are misinterpretting the payment, it is only partially to help people. I think it's really a subsidy for business, if the wages weren't paid the company would go into administration and then the shareholders would lose out.

    Paying the selfemployed doesn't benefit shareholders and therefore is not so cocnerning to the government.

    If you're lucky supply teachers like myslef will be told unemployment benefits will be improved. Personally I'd predfer a system of average tax/pay over a 3 year period because then those who paid in get the most out, but I doubt that's how it will work. Perhaps they should have done that on a company basis too, then we'd find out which firms paid tax and which didn't.
  8. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I have already posted this elsewhere, but I repeat myself,

    According to the telephone conference, the NEU is raising the issue with the S of S for Education tomorrow about supply teachers not getting any money and they are seeking some form of scheme to get supply staff paid. The also seeking to raise it with the Chancellor as well. So we might be wiser tomorrow hopefully some thing will be sorted.
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  9. Supplygirl111

    Supplygirl111 New commenter

    Thanks for the update historygrump,
    Hopefully something will come of this
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  10. gruoch

    gruoch Established commenter

    If you're paid by an umbrella company and haven't actually opted to be PAYE, you're considered self employed.
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  11. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

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  12. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

    Yes, we shouldn't be discriminated against
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  13. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    Mine said very clearly today that I am employed by them. I am ot self employed.
  14. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    Could we sue the government for discrimination and loss of income due to their decision to close schools, with some form of scheme that ensures that all school staff, including supply get paid a income.

    I have asked the union this very question.
  15. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    I'll predict their answer. No!
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  16. ms honey

    ms honey Occasional commenter

    But it is discrimination
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  17. Rott Weiler

    Rott Weiler Star commenter Forum guide

    You can't sue the government because you think it's unfair. You probably can't sue them at all when the decisions are made under the emergency powers legislation but even if you could 'being a supply teacher' isn't a protected characteristic under the Equality Act. I'm not saying the government has done the right thing, just explaining why I'm sure the union's reply will be 'No'.
  18. TheOracleAtDelphi

    TheOracleAtDelphi Established commenter

    Interestingly, I've just read this article https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-52005581 which includes the following paragraphs.

    The Independent Workers Union of Great Britain (IWGB), which represents gig economy workers, has announced that it is suing the government over its failure to protect the wages and jobs of millions of workers during the pandemic, as well as its failure to ensure the health and safety of those still employed through proper sick pay.

    IWGB General Secretary Dr Jason Moyer-Lee said: "No one wants to be litigating right now. We all have extremely pressing things to be getting on with, but we also can't stand by and watch our members being driven into financial destitution because the government has simply forgotten about them.

    "The low paid precarious workers must have the means to follow public health advice and continue to pay their bills and put food on the table. Right now, they don't."

    Personally, I can't see them getting anywhere although such moves might prompt the government to come up with a better package of support... the BBC article does go on to say that it believes that the government is looking at this...
  19. historygrump

    historygrump Star commenter Forum guide

    I spoke to my main umbrella company this morning and they say they are waiting for clarification from the HMRC and when they find who is and who is not covered by the pay scheme, they will let me know. So it is up to the chancellor, treasury and the tax office to work the details, asap.
  20. sharon7482

    sharon7482 Occasional commenter

    My umbrella.company said the same. As I'm they are awaiting direction. I also saw the treasury and seen legalisation going through parliament for self employed and freelancers. The problem quite rightly appears to be how to distinguish who have lost income in this area and actually not the other way around which is why they are not in favour of a univeral payment scheme. It makes sense to me but it seems to be about 5 or 6 weeks before it is all sorted. I have enough money to cover Bills this month and my Mum is going help me out with some money. But I dont want to apply for a mortage deferral etc until I have a chance to work out the financial situation.
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