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Pay for Supply teaching

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by xshellbellex, Mar 19, 2011.

  1. £120-£130 is good

    I only get £105 and i am doing a long term post, the school complained to the agency that they can get cheaper supply, probably the agency is taking a huge chunk because what i get paid is certainly rubbish as they get a great teacher, i mark the work and plan my own lessons and they want me cheaper!!!!!

    I wouldn't complain at £120 i would be over the moon
  2. I think it is geographical. I am an NQT and I get £120 - £140 per day in London but competition is fierce and I have to work very hard and never take my eye of the proverbial ball and mark, plan, assess, smile, offer duty, tidy etc to make sure I get recalled by schools - and if they do not have any positions to fill at the time I am there on supply, I make sure I can go back to follow up a potential job! I see supply as my CPD and have a file of evidence to show I have reached many of the standards.My agencies have many excellent teachers on their books so I keep an apropriate relationship going with the consultants. This is my chosen career and I work hard but its really tough. The agency that pays top rate gets me the least work - unsurprisingly - but I manage to work every day. I await the elusive long term role however.
  3. Wow your complaining about "only" getting 130. Your not going to get any coddling here.

    We got some folk getting paid CS rates here. Count yerself lucky.
  4. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    I agree completely with that. I am with an agency and get more than this per day and get work absolutely every day by following this exact same policy. If you are lucky enough to get work, there is no harm in trying to get the very most you can xxx
  5. I do all that you do. I'm on a long term placement at the moment. This week I have 2 long parents evenings to do. Last week I had assessments to do. All weekend I've been marking and preparing. I certainly won't be in bed before midnight tonight. I have tried to get the best money I can. But even with 35 years experience £120 is all I can get.
  6. janeygrey

    janeygrey New commenter

    I must be with one of the very best agencies in the country because I don't even plan for my money, I simply do day to day, so can only imagine what long term supplies are getting. Once I did a two week placement, with no planning, and my wage went up. It never came back down. I know I am very lucky and pray to God, that I will continue being this lucky. Not to rub salt into the wound but on one occassion there was no work for me and I even got paid for the day. There are many factors why I get work, but the most important one then is the agency I am with and everytime I read this forum I say a little prayer and hope to goodness it stays that way. Goodnight all xx
  7. I know how you feel. I tried starting a conversation called 'fallen among thieves' here, because both schools and agencies, but mostly the latter, seem to be run by people of the moral character and business competence of Arthur Daley: (come to think of it, quite a few of the 'onsultants' at agencies sound like cockney wide-boys).
    As the consultant to whom I complained about being downgraded from teacher to CS after I had done the work said, agencies need the goodwil of schools, so they are not going to upset a relationship with them just because of a supply teacher.
    I really do feel that in becoming involved with agencies, I have 'fallen among thieves'. In a couple of cases, when I have caught out a consultant in the process of 'terminological inexactitude', they quite blatantly admited it, claiming that expediency demanded it.

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