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Pay during the summer holidays.

Discussion in 'Teaching assistants' started by Galadriel1, May 15, 2012.

  1. I am hoping there is someone out there with the sort of head that can wrap around the intricacies of TA pay. I thought I almost had it sussed but after 3 mind stretching and boggling telephone conversations with people giving me different answers, I am ready (almost!) to just suck it up and take what comes.
    But that will be after I have (hopefully) picked a brain or two out there, and then I will crawl away and lick my wounds, and never pop my head above the ramparts again.
    For some reason I have always thought - quite wrongly, I am now informed, that we are 'paid' during the hols' because a portion of our monthly pay is kept back, for want of a better explanation so that we do get a wage for a period when we are not actually at work (term time only).
    So I suppose my first question is, am I totally wrong here?
    And if I am, why and from where does the money to pay us originate from?

    Now it gets more complicated....
    I have just reduced my hours to 12 only, but I imagined (dunderhead that I am) that my July pay would comprise a percentage of the nine months previous 'full-time' pay and the same percentage of the much reduced months.
    The gist of the telephone calls was that ;
    a) It depends on your school
    b )It depends on how your payroll works things out
    c) It depends where you are in the country.
    d) You don't get a proportion at all...There will simply be 'pay' at the reduced amount with no percentage of anything because I simply have misunderstood!

    (One of the people I tried to get info' out of said they were not paid to speak to me because they didn't do my payroll, so they were not empowered to talk! No matter that I just wanted general info'.....but that's another story and a dark corner I do not want to venture into!)

    Can someone simply put me straight before my brain hangs out of my ears like spaghetti and unravels completely?
    I am ready to accept that I have dreamed the percentage idea but the differing info' on the phone has made me edgy and quarrelsome.
    Does someone out there have their finger right on the pulse and able to speak to me in words of one syllable?

    Many thanks simply for ploughing through it all!
  2. Don't know why this has come out as a huge chunk of writing...all my spacing and arranging has disappeared for some reason. (Even more thanks for ploughing through it!)
  3. Depends how your LEA work out your monthly pay, for example my LEA pay two weeks in advance and two weeks in arrears so I would presumably have two weeks at the original pay and two weeks at the 12 hour pay in my July pay packet.
  4. find out from your finance dept how much you should have received for your nine months, not the amount you actually received because as you know part of that is held over to pay you over the summer (I have always wondered what they do with the interest they receive on this money, but have never managed to get a coherent answer from anyone - it must add up to a tidy sum I think). they should be able to work this out using the formula provided by the local authority and this will include the weeks you worked, plus a proportion of the holiday pay. If this figure equals the amount you have been paid, then you have received what you are entitled to receive, if not you should get the rest. however be warned the calculations seem to require a degree in maths and a pinch of stardust so you need them to explain exactly how they have reached the figure and be able to argue if necessary about the portion they still owe you
  5. Hi Galadriel,
    I have just looked at my contract because I am also paid every month although I don't work in the holidays. My pay is worked out on the following formula:
    Yearly pay (for full time) x contracted weekly hours x 38.6 (weeks worked in year)
    this total is then divided by 1618 to get the yearly pay for the hours I work which is then divided by 12 to get the monthly amounts.
    If say the full time equivalent salary was £20000 but you worked 30 hours for 38.6 weeks this would work out at £1193 paid per month. If you then reduced your hours to 12 you would recieve £477 per month.
    This must mean that you are due some money from the months that you worked more hours.
    However as with all things it depends on your contract. It may be that the holidays are paid according to your current contracted! Hopefully you will find someone who knows what they are talking about.
    Hope you get a successful outcome.


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