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Pay and conditions again

Discussion in 'Further Education' started by goyachan, Jan 31, 2020.

  1. goyachan

    goyachan New commenter

    I am a very experienced teacher at secondary and FE. In August last year my family and I were due to move to an international school to begin head of department jobs. Unfortunately due to a serious health condition being diagnosed in one of my children we were unable to take our jobs so were jobless.
    Luckily I was offered sessional work at a local FE college on a temporary contract . I have previously worked at this college on a much higher pay scale several years ago. I have picked up hours over the last 3 months and now teach 15 hours over 2 days ( 5 * 3 hour lessons) . I teach science a specialist subject with no techNical support which I can only manage due to many years experience and the support of an older teaching colleague . I also teach some behaviourally challenging students and the college has struggled to recruit anyone to deliver these classes. I like the teaching but have come to realise I am teaching as much as a fair few full time members of staff on much less pay. I would prefer to stay next year but can’t if I am not moved on to an appropriate pay scale and permanent contract. Who do I approach to begin that discussion - my line manager or HR?

    Thanks for reading this essay !

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