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pay advice please

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by selotape, Oct 28, 2009.

  1. Hi - I am thinking of applying for a job as assistant head of a primary and have a pay dilemma that I hope somebody can help out with!
    At the moment I am paid UPS3 and TLR2b. The assistant head job is for leadership points 3-7. L3 is about £2000 less than I earn at the moment, L5 about equal to current pay.
    So my question is - if I got appointed, would the new school look at my current salary and put me on L point above current salary - OR would I automatically start at L3 (which would be a significant loss in earnings for a greater responsibility post) ??
    Hope somebody can help. Thanks.
  2. tafkam

    tafkam Occasional commenter

    Your current salary is of no significance to the new post.
    Your new school might consider that your leadership experience (that led to your being on TLR2b, etc.) is worth recognition in terms of your position on the scale, but they are required to place you no higher than the third point on the scale - that is L5. And that's only if they choose to do so.
    It's something you'll have to consider and perhaps address at interview or appointment.
  3. Hi,
    I am a class teacher in an inner city London primary school. Our head has resigned and we have been unable to recruit a new head on our first round. We are now having the deputy step up while the search continues and it has been suggested there will be two assistant heads of which i would be one. I am currently on Main pay scale 5. My question is: If i accept this role how would my pay change? Am i entitled to any additional pay? Would i move onto the management pay scale? Is there any obligation to pay me in this role or not?
    It could be that this situation might only be in place until January as we are still looking to recruit a new head (as opposed to the deputy taking over full time) but it could also be the case that this might be the situation for a year and we start with a new head the following academic year.
    I am a very committed teacher who does a lot of additonal work for the school and taking on this new role would mean a significant increase in my already heavy workload. For the first time in my career the term "If you're gonna pay me to do it" has come to the fore. We are a school in need of a real turn around so i know this is not a nothing role. The expectation and workload will be significant and i will not let my responsibilities and standards as a class teacher slip.
    Thanks for any advice!

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