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Pay - £50,000?

Discussion in 'Pay and conditions' started by Jamp, Sep 9, 2011.

  1. The volume button on the kids must have been a bit loud this week and I've gone a bit deaf as I am sure a bloke on News 24 just said teachers get £50,000 after 7 years AND NOBODY CHALLENGED HIM!!!!!!!! I'm very puzzled because I've just checked the National Pay & Conditions and this figure is way up on the Headteacher's scale. How strange!
  2. I suppose a ups3 in inner London would cost a school circa 50,000, with on costs and ppa cover costs
  3. Yes, I believe he was a free school head. He said teachers start on £27k and can earn £50k - I thought he said within 5 years, but then I was cooking in the kitchen and the kids were around. I know you get an Inner/Outer London allowance for those teaching folk down there, but come on! Maybe I need a job in a free school if that's the going pay. Does that include the £100+ a month reduction in pay that the government wants to rob off me for the increased pension contributions?

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