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Paul's conversion DVD?

Discussion in 'Religious Education' started by wineisgreat, Jan 22, 2011.

  1. Has anyone seen/used this DVD? I have read the reviews and they are very mixed! I only want to show the part about his conversion but I don't want to buy it/use it if it is bad
    The Bible - St Paul [2000] [DVD] by Johannes Brandrup (DVD - 2010)

    Or does anyone know of another DVD that is good for that?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  2. Has anyone seen/used this DVD? I have read the reviews and they are very mixed! I only want to show the part about his conversion but I don't want to buy it/use it if it is bad
    The Bible - St Paul [2000] [DVD] by Johannes Brandrup (DVD - 2010)

    Or does anyone know of another DVD that is good for that?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. durgamata

    durgamata Occasional commenter

    looked on internet to see if you can watch it there - not found anything free yet but some interesting reviews. Sounds good. I'll past some from one site here and sorry for the formatting.

    Great film, 9th January, 2006
    A Customer from Herefordshire

    This film is one of the best in 'the bible' series - Almost as good as Joseph. The character formation of Paul was gripping as was the inter-relationships and characters of the deciples and other 'names' in the bible. A really good watch,and put the bible message across powerfully.
    3 out of 3 people found the following review helpful:

    Excellent film, 18th February, 2006
    A Customer from oldham, uk

    This film is full of biblical quotes that Paul wrote in his letters. It is not 100% true to the bible, but much of it is.
    2 out of 2 people found the following review helpful:

    From Saul To Paul, 18th October, 2005
    John from Cambridgeshire

    Although it's Sword And Sandals, it's not a Bilical version of The Gladiator! A competent, well acted story of the life of one of Christianity's founding fathers, but it doesn't really get to the heart of why Saul/Paul was such a significant figure among the early Christians. It's made-for-TV special effects and sets leave a bit to be desired, too - a bigger budget would have lifted the whole thing. However, it's worth watching and it teaches you something of the hardships early Christians endured - though not with the same graphic quality of Mel Gibson's Passion. It is a family film, though.........
    1 out of 1 people found the following review helpful:

    six stars, 28th September, 2006
    A Customer from england

    full of inspiration and a well told story that must be seen. ***** are not enough.
    Brilliant!, 15th December, 2005
    Paul Noble from Waterlooville

    I loved this film, it really captured the drama of the Acts of the Apostles. The sub plot of the growing antagonism between Paul - a pharisee and his Saduccee friend was quite interesting too but a little like Ben Hur although that really didn't matter as it was faithfully integrated into the original story. Brilliant!
    very good, 26th December, 2005
    A Customer from enfield

    The story of St.Paul as the acts of the Apostles goes.Good but the film could have been become a classic and an epic if a famous actor would have played.
    The Story of a Saint, 19th January, 2007
    A Customer from Nottingham England

    I really enjoyed this story of the life of ST Paul. I found the film thought proking as the death of Christ caused many of the early followers to be prusecuted. The early followers had inner struggles with the Law of Moses and the Tora and the new teachings of Christ. It showed the differences between the Jewish followers of the Tora and the followers of Christ. The acting was dramtic as we saw Saul turn into Paul. I would really recommand this film to any one intrested in exploring faith and the orgins of Christinaty.
    could do better, 20th July, 2007
    A Customer from Huddersfield, England

    The Time Life Bible series is very variable and unfortunately this is one of the worst. Those with any level of Bible knowledge will find the amount of artisitc licence immensely annoying. Get Joseph instead!
    Paul, 24th September, 2007
    A Customer from Cardiff, S Wales

    This was a very disappointing film. The story hardly followed the Bible narrative at all. Stephen's speech before he was stoned was nothing like the text in Acts and who's Reuben in the Bible? There are so many exciting stories concerning Paul in Acts why was there need to make up such a lot? We all know that writers of Bible stories have to use their imaginations and add in characters and drama but in this story of Paul it was taken too far and so much was left out of the Biblical narrative.
    Very Good, 15th November, 2007
    Lorna Clark from New Forest, England

    This story is in two parts - both on DVD. We enjoyed it very much and felt it was pretty accurate as our knowledge goes. My only criticism is that the actors, especially Paul looked and sounded very English!!!
    excellent, 3rd April, 2008
    A Customer from SHEPHERDS BUSH

    i recommend you to watch it. Its very moving.
    St. Paul, 6th April, 2008
    A Customer from Swindon

    TIME LIFE DVDs on the bible are quite well done - helpfull to some extent getting an overview.
    Worth a watch, 4th May, 2010
    burbo from Liverpool

    Acting is OK and the film makes a decent attempt to tell the story of the early orgins of the church and the debates and issues that took place at the time. Paul was a hugely influential figure in the early church, ironically though he never knew the physical Jesus like Peter and James did. If you enjoy historical/biblical films (like I do) you will find plenty to enjoy/inform in this film.

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