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Paul McKenna approach to weight loss

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by way2serious, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. I think you have accurately described how 'dieting' can really mess your head up and send a person into spirals of guilt because they cannot follow a plan.
    I am one of those people and I have given up dieting.
    If I have to think about what is in a splash of gravy or a scraping of butter on toast then life isn't worth living. Life is far too short anyway to be in constant denial. It's madness. OK, so people lose weight by strictly controlling what they can and can't eat, but we shouldn't really have to be THAT conscious of everything we use for fuel...or pleasure.
    The scales too are an instrument of torture. I have a friend who is forever hpping on and off them and her mood is lifted or deflated by the reading she gets.
    I allow myself foods that would never be on a diet plan and my weight never goes above what it is now...(my highest ever.) However I reached this high a few years ago after lack of movement and drugs following incapacitating ops...several in a row. I just didn't burn any calories for a few years I think....
    Anyway..now I 'maintain'....which means I probably have to lower my calorie intake or move a lot more. I suspect if I moved a lot more I could continue to eat almost anything (in moderation, obviously...a cake and chocolate diet cannot be good for anyone). Post menopause I think the body has to be moved lots and lots! My enforced incapacity came at a bad time.
    I don't join slimming groups...counting points and 'syns' also wrecks ones thinking I suspect. It makes a person focus on a food and see it as a number....and put foods into 'good', 'bad' and 'forbidden' categories.
    I can devise my own healthy diet. The fact that I am not super-strict with myself means my weight loss is very slow..very slow, but I am less now than I was a few months ago.
    I need to learn to love exercise and I am working on incorporating more into my day. I refuse to diet though...and I remain quite cheerful and upbeat and still look forward to meals out without any fore-thought or dread as to how I'll cope.
    I no longer eat puddings...they just don't appeal any more, there is no yearning, craving or feeling of denial and that sort of balance has to be better for me. I will have a cream tea on the occasion it is offered, or before me...I will drink wine/champers and eat savoury treats if the occasion arises. It doesn't happen often and I don't feel in any way 'naughty' by indulging now and then. On a daily basis my diet is mainly healthy and fairly low fat - but only because I have no desire for chips, pastry, ice cream or chocolate. I'll have a bit of cake and a biscuit now and then, but if I don't buy them I don't eat them or miss them...so I tend not to buy them often.
    No deprivation, just 'looking after me' better, with no head-f*.cks.
  2. That is the thing...to be kind and nourish self. Syns/points weight on weight off more on nightmare.
    As Susie orbach says "for every diet there is a binge"
  3. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    I am generally an emotional eater, although I've proved myself wrong in the last 48 hours. I guess if something's stressful enough it really does put me off my food.
    I ate dinner on Monday night, but couldn't eat all day on Tuesday - I managed half a bagel at around 8pm. I survived the day on water and tea with sugar (I NEVER have tea with sugar!) and even then it was only a cup or two and a small bottle of water. I just couldn't face anything and my body didn't want it, so I didn't force myself.
    By lunch time today, I was feeling hungry and luckily the school canteen was serving chicken pie, mashed potato and cabbage, with gravy. The potato and gravy went down well, and a few bites of the pie (even after 24 hours starvation, I won't eat soggy pastry!).
    My parents want me to go round for dinner tonight so they can justify making home-made fajitas, although I suspect my mother is just doing this to make sure I've eaten.
    I wonder what Paul McKenna would say. Are there times when we SHOULD force ourselves to eat when not hungry?
  4. I think if it will make your parents happy, then yes!
    Let them look after you a little.
    I've had the Paul McKenna book lying around for more than a year. I read the book, never listened to the CD and it made no difference whatsoever. I started listening to the CD a week ago and was amazed to find I've lost 4 pounds this week, despite eating choc biscuits and a chocolate sundae at the weekend!
  5. That's fantastic Caillou V, you must be chuffed.
  6. I feel so useless and awful. I started this thread but have failed miserably over the last few weeks. I lost some weight originally and really liked the approach but then fell off the wagon and haven't got back on yet. I am hoping to do better from tomorrow as the weight still needs to go!!
  7. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter


    Now...read the four golden rules again, then make sure you listen to the CD tonight. Remember that McKenna himself says it's common to fall off the wagon. Just dust yourself off and get back on track - tomorrow's a new day.

    I've been 'off the wagon' too. After a very stressful and heart-breaking week my eating habits have been all over the place. Whilst I haven't been eating between meals, I've been too sporadic. I didn't eat anything at all from Monday at 6pm until lunchtime on Thursday. I didn't feel hungry at all, and couldn't have faced eating anything. Thursday night I wasn't hungry, but forced myself to eat at my mother's house.
    On Friday, I went away with my parents to help me get away from things and to relax: too many familiar reminders in the house of my friend. It was good to get away because I just ate when my parents did which was better than not eating at all because I was in the house by myself. So lunch and dinner were better on Friday. I had 3 proper meals yesterday, including going out for an Indian meal for my parents' anniversary - I managed not to overeat, but probably more because my heart wasn't in it, rather than following the rules!
    So I'm probably back on track, although now that I'm back home it's going to be very difficult indeed. The funeral is Tuesday so once the stress of that's over, hopefully I'll feel better.
  8. Thanks Eva. I will do the CD tonight before I go to sleep. You are doing well despite your sad situation. Take care of yourself at this emotional time. X
  9. cheesypop

    cheesypop Senior commenter

    Well I got the book on Thursday so spent the weekend having a read and having a think about it and trying to do some visualisation stuff and then I weighed myself yesterday and started properly yesterday (Monday morning and all that!).
    It is wierd because it seems so obvious - eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full - but I have never really thought of it like that before. Also not eating when you are bored / tired / stressed etc - I knew I did that but didn't really know how to stop myself. Last night I must have left a quarter to a fifth of my tea. I knew when I got it there was too much, but before I would have just eaten it anyway. Then in the evening, when I got tired and therefore wanted to snack, I just said to myself 'but I'm not hungry'. It took a bit of a chat with myself but I didn't give in.
    The other thing that is lovely is the being nice to yourself bit. I even found myself walking differently yesterday (sort of taller and as if I had a bit of pride in myself!) because I'd spent the weekend telling myself I was 'alright, actually.'
    So, early days, but I like it so far. [​IMG]

  10. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    How is everyone doing? I've made a promise to get back on track following a tumultuous few weeks in which my brain has been far too busy elsewhere to think about whether or not I'm hungry. The plus side is I've lost weight anyway through stress. Back on it tomorrow though.

    Where is everyone and how is it going?
  11. Hi Eva - have been thinking of you.
    I'm still going strong with the PM approach, but having trouble not weighing myself! Now I know I'm losing weight it's just too tempting to check and see how much!!!
    On day 20 and 15 lb lighter than when I started, but need to lose around another 4 stone (Eek!) Still listening to the CD and eating slowly.
    Also have completely lost the urge for chocolate - I actually feel queasy even thinking about it. Just hope I don't get any for my birthday this week!!!

  12. Hi everyone! I am getting back on board and pulling myself together. I have got nine weeks before we go on holiday and would like to lose a stone by then which I don't think is unreasonable. I have had quite a good day and tried really hard to only eat when hungry. I did eat a mini aero tonight which I didn't need but other than that did ok. I do need to try to ween my sweet tooth away from chocolate snacks. I am going to listen to the cd in a bit. Well done to everyone who is sticking by it and losing weight
  13. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Thank you CB. Hope you are well too. I'm pleased to report that the scales are reading 13lbs lighter although it does fluctuate.

    I think a stone in 9 weeks is very realistic on the PM method. Go for it!
  14. I am not trying to be facetious - but what about soup and yoghurt? Do you just try to eat slowly - chewing a mouthful og yoggy twenty times would be haaaaarrrrd.
  15. Just came across this topic by chance. I started following the PM approach nearly 2 weeks ago now, I have been naughty and hopped on the scales before my 2 weeks is up and even though I feel better in myself and slimmer I've only lost 2lb! Can't believe it as this week with being off for half term I have been spinning 5 times (I usually go spinning twice a week), I was so motivated and inspired to get off my bum and exercise more to help speed up the weight loss that I was really hoping for a bit more than 2lb! (I can see why he tells you NOT to weigh yourself now!)

    I'm still continuing though as I feel so much better when following it. I did follow Paul McKenna's method about 3 years ago and lost 2 and a half stone so I know it can be done. I had much faster weight loss that time though, so I am a bit confused about what's going on this time. The only reason I gave it up was due to changes in my lifestyle and work (I left my job and went to do a PGCE and moved in with my boyf).

    Haven't listened to the CD since the last time I tried PM but seeing as I'm a bit disappointed with the weight loss I'm gonna put it on my iPod to listen to tonight.
  16. Two pounds is a very lot I think. Often I think you can lose a lot but they say it is just water - encouraging though. I would be pleased to lose half a lb. Remember the old thing about muscle being denser than fat, too.
    Hark at me - diet guru extraordinaire.
  17. Yeah I am pleased I've lost something, just quite amazed with all the exercise this week and the amount I've eaten(being about half of what I'd usually eat) that it works out to only 1lb a week for me. I suppose I could look at it the other way and think how did I not put on more weight a week with my old attitude to food!

    Btw i just eat a yoghurt like before! I can't try to chew a yoghurt!! :)
  18. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    Don't worry at all....you'll probably find it'll start coming off all of a sudden.
    Now, do as you are told and STOP WEIGHING YOURSELF!!

    Sheesh, Mr Mckenna would be most displeased lol!

    Glad to have even more people joining in, welcome! I agree with you Lyra, the PM method makes me feel so much better in myself. I feel infinitely more positive in my thoughts about food, and far more in control.
    Hope everyone's had a good weekend.
  19. I am really upset, I finally decided to listen to the CDs a friend copied for me - only to find they don't work. so it's HIS fault I am fat!
  20. fantastischfish

    fantastischfish Established commenter

    LOL. You can probably buy it from iTunes and put it on your iPod (if you have one).

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