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Patience, Resilience and a lesson from Buddhism

Discussion in 'Primary' started by DocWol, May 14, 2016.

  1. DocWol

    DocWol New commenter

    This is really two things in one, an assembly idea and potentially a leadership issue. I've attached an assembly I did last week reflecting on my negative reaction to massively overcrowded streets in London when recently attending a meeting. I got frustrated and angry at the tourists barring my way back to Waterloo and by the time I had calmed down felt quite ashamed of myself. When planning the assembly I had a quick look around the internet and came across a similar experience but the author (who unfortunately I can't find and acknowledge) had looked at this from a Buddhist perspective. An ideal assembly! Please see attached.

    Then the extra bit. I am passionately interested in the emotional well-being of teachers and realised that this was also relevant for teachers so I wrote about it and put it in my blog. If you think that the assembly is a good idea I would be grateful if you would have a look at my blog HERE and maybe pass on the idea to others in your school (especially your leadership team).

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