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Paternity leave for teachers

Discussion in 'Pregnancy' started by HPP, Dec 31, 2011.

  1. HPP


    My husband is a teacher and was wondering if anyone had any insights into paternity leave - how long is it for, how much will he be paid, does he have to let his school know etc etc!
  2. lilachardy

    lilachardy Star commenter

    Obviously he'll need to let the school know so they can get supply in...

    Here you can have a week paid and a week unpaid. It doesn't have to be taken immediately after the birth either, I believe.

    You need to check the policy in his school though, it's not the same everywhere,
  3. it's a fortnight, to be taken before the baby is 3 months old and at my school it's paid at SMP rate so £128 a week and the men are expected to set coverwork for the whole fortnight and then mark it.
  4. At my school 2 weeks at SMP rate. Men are expected to set coverwork but definitley not mark it.
  5. My OH has 1 week paid and 1 week SMP. We can't afford for him to take the second week as I have only maternity allowance due to having a temporary post.
    I think that both weeks should be entitled to at least SMP having looked at the direct.gov.uk website, so long as the man has been working there long enough etc - and that's by law as a minimum statutory requirement.
    As far as my OH and I are concerned
    1) It is absurd not to give any paid time off (£128 for the week is not paid, really - it is token! many families can't afford to lose income from BOTH partners at the time a baby is born.)
    2) My OH said (having read posts above) that if his school expected to not pay (well, give statutory **** pay) him for a week then there was absolutely no blinking way he'd be setting and marking work!!!!!!!!
    For my OH (full time, UPS3 with a small TLR) his weekly pay is somewhere around £750 so for £128 he'd not even be being paid enough for one day of work.
    Oh my goodness! I know we're lucky he gets the week paid, so this isn't really our issue... but I am SO ANGRY seeing what some of you have written that if that is the accurate info then we should all be on to the unions - sex discrimination or what??!!!!!!
  6. My husband had one week on full pay and one week SMP. It's worth your OH checking with the LA rather than the school because schools often get it wrong.
    He was not asked to set work, beyond letting his HOD know where he was on the scheme of work, and he certainly didn't mark anything.
  7. It is worth checking the pay/SMP as this will vary from school to school. At ours it is one week full pay, and one week SMP.
    As for cover etc. this may depend on individuals in his department. The school expectation here is that any planned absence the teacher provides the cover, and marks it.
    As I parallel teach some groups when one of my teachers was off on paternity I set some of the cover to reduce the load, (I would have done the rest, but he felt he should) encouraged him to set work which required less marking for some groups, and we had a 'regular' supply teacher in who marked some of the lower school groups work while the upper school groups were working quietly. I also offered to mark the upper school work. This will very much depend on his relationship with his HoD and what type of HoD you have though - the male HoF never even considered this might be welcomed/helpful until I mentioned I was doing it (my teacher teaches out of subject for some lessons).
    On a practical note if he is planning to have the time of the birth off this can be hard to set cover for (as you don't know when exactly you are going to be off). We found the easiest way was to set one/two weeks of 'stand alone' work for most classes which would swing into action when he was off which was book/worksheet etc based, with him fitting his more interactive lessons around this so he didn't have to keep changing his cover day by day (the baby was late).
    Good luck.

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