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Pastoral - Support plans for behaviour - ePSP? SIMs?

Discussion in 'Behaviour' started by JonSciTeach, May 9, 2019.

  1. JonSciTeach

    JonSciTeach New commenter

    Good evening all. I'm a Pastoral Leader in a rural school with some severe constraints to budget now. With restrictions on printing I was wondering if there were any instances of successful electronic PSPs either on sharepoint or SIMs that you've seen work well in your schools. Appreciate your time.
  2. Jonesygirl

    Jonesygirl New commenter

    We have electronic form tutor files and all of that type of information is kept there in the shared drive. New info is shared in a weekly pastoral update that everyone is expected to have read by 08:30 Monday mornings (it is sent by 13:00 on Friday afternoons).
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  3. sarah_dann1

    sarah_dann1 Occasional commenter TES Behaviour peer advisor

    I would usually expect to find a child's PSP linked to their SIMS file.

    There is typically a shared doc (we use Google docs in my current school) which lists all the students who have a PSP file attached to their SIMS file and the teacher is expected to cross reference their class lists against this list, then search for the file itself. It's not the most efficient system but the information is all there for the finding!
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