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Pastoral Care & being a form tutor

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by hermionepotter, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I come across some teachers who adore being a form tutor, and some who hate it.
    Where do you stand? Do you feel you have enough training or time to do a good job?
    I'd be really interested to know how you all feel in these times of cuts & extra stress and
    work loads.
  2. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I enjoy being a form tutor although I am a little maverick. I regard my job as being a sort of uncle (in fact I often call my form 'my nieces'). I keep my form time far more informal than a regular lesson which is not strictly following the school norm.
  3. henriette

    henriette New commenter

    I hate being a tutor
    I twist the requirements to suit me. I am "Mum at School" and fight for my tutees against my colleagues where necessary - this makes me unpopular: I don't care.
    One day I will be so unpopular as a tutor that they will take the role from me and I will have won!!!!!!!
  4. I am sorry that you feel you have to stick up for your tutees "against" other staff- in some ways I guess being a good tutor is in loco parentis so you want to take their point of view seriously-I think tutors often get stuck in the middle,especially with very strictly-by-the-book teachers who won't give any flexibility when some kids are so in need of some empathy.
    I am also interested in tutors who hate tutor programmes-It is really hard for Heads of House/Year to meet everyone's needs-There are always tutors who refuse to do anything unless they have a worksheet, some who only ever do their own thing & some who do a brilliant job despite it all.
    What would tutors like most? It's so hard to please all the people all the time but the most complaints I ever hear is when tutors have to teach PSHE-some staff love oit but so many hate it. Any ideas anyone?
  5. Facetious

    Facetious New commenter

    I love that bit about doing it so badly that somebody will eventually take the job off you. Ha! The thought crossed my mind when I was given a form I wasn't expecting to be given. Their previous tutor was 'a legend', which they reminded me about on a regular basis. He was basically legendary because he didn't ask them to do anything that they were supposed to do and enforced none of the rules whatsoever. Having had a good PGCE placement here, they figured they'd give me the class as I wasn't one to complain (I have 'mug' tattooed very discreetly across my forehead). Anyway, they have gradually improved throughout the year, so I would say that I do enjoy being a form tutor now. There are far too many boxes to tick, and I have had to adapt some of the tasks so that the time is more pastoral and less lesson-like, but I do love the kids.

    I think if I was allowed to change anything it would be to ask for the focus to be away from all the OFSTED palaver, and just allow time for the kids to actually speak to me. If any of mine have problems, they end up coming to see me at break or dinner as there's no time during form. How mad is that?
  6. blazer

    blazer Star commenter

    I put the BBC news 24 on my screen when I get to work and then the form can sit in the room and chat or watch the news until the bell. Form period is 20 mins. Once I have done the business (reg, notices, letters) I get chance to wander round and chat with them.

    We have a ;learning 4 life prog but it is pretty dire.
  7. I love being a tutor. My regret is that I don't have enough time with them.
    I use it for quizes and debates. I use the time to chat and get to know and support them.
    My tutor will email me ( on my work email) for advice on options, getting forms etc.They always say hello, in the corridor. Parents contact me just to see how everything is.
    But I must say, I like the pastoral side also, maybe I am in the minority then?

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