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Past Papers Edexcel GCSE 'B' spec, Unit 3

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by rustybug, Mar 9, 2012.

  1. Haven't we been told for absolute certain that the modular is going? So, that would be spec B gone...
  2. googolplex

    googolplex Occasional commenter

    I was on an edexcel course last week, run by one of their chief bods, where it was stated categorically that the modular spec would continue to be offered as a linear option ie. all 3 exams in one exam period, alongside the existing linear spec. Quite why anyone would want to do 3 exams as opposed to 2 beats me...
  3. LOL! Well I never thought of that!!
    I will be very pleased when we ( or should that read "if we ever" ) go to having one spec that sticks around a bit. Trying to sort out past papers for revision is a nightmare. Conversations go like this. "These are the old spec" "Which old spec, the new old spec or the old old spec?" "No, the spec that Y11 are doing now, that's finishing"
  4. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    I'm tutoring a student who is taking the old spec this summer.
    I'm not a school so don't think I can get a password...there again, I do One to One for a school so could perhaps ask!
  5. Most subjects don't currently have a linear/modular spec decision - they have to do modular specs. Of course some choose to do all the exams at the end of the course so it is, in effect, a linear course.

    In Mr Gove's haste to do away with modular there has not been time for awarding bodies (exam boards) to design and have approved new linear courses therefore all these subjects are continuing with modular specs but only allowing students to do exams at the end of the course.

    In the consultation process I alerted the government to the fact that this will lead to a real problem of timetabling exams in summer 2014.

    Consider a student studying Maths; English; the separate sciences; Geography; History; Business Studies & French - not an especially quirky combination.

    These students will have to have around 24 separate exams in the summer 2014 window - all of which will have to be timetabled nationally to avoid significant clashes with the whole massive list of other courses.

    I reckon they'll end up having to make 3 exam sittings per day am(1) starting at 9am; am(2) starting at 11am and pm to have any chance of getting them all through!

    In terms of EdExcel Maths ... why still do modular? Linear is a 50/50 split between calculator and non-calculator. Running Spec B (the 'modular' spec) has the split 70/30 between calc and non-calc. That may be something that persuades some.
  6. I thought I final exams for the old spec were taken last week.
  7. That is my understanding too.
  8. DeborahCarol

    DeborahCarol New commenter

    Sorry - I meant 'new spec' (B), but modular, not linear.
  9. There are two advantages to taking the exams in 3 units. The first is, for students who are weak with non-calculator maths, they can use their calculator for 2 modules which total over half the qualification, and the second advantage is linked to this - when you are teaching Data Handling, and the Unit 3 topics, you can rely on calculator methods and not have to worry about mental or written calculations.

    I teach a lot of students who are weak with calculations, and are MUCH happier with the calculator units. I will be disappointed if all my local schools switch to linear.

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