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Past GCSE paper practice.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by lancsHOD, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. lancsHOD

    lancsHOD New commenter

    We tend to give our pupils lots of practice using past GCSE papers and I think it helps them prepare. The cost of photocopying is beyond my dept. budget. What do you do?
  2. Put them on blank CDs and ask them to bring them back

    We probably have to make 20-30 a year but most return them

    We do have a relatively wealthy cohort (on the whole) so access to PC/Printer/Paper/Ink does not seem to be an issue
  3. Set them up on video and host it
    Screen capture your exam paper in pdf
    leave each question up for 5-10 seconds and then move on, putting the answer at the end for the kids to mark.
    You can host them at google or youtube or put them on your VLE
    If you want to 'test the kids' then they bring in their answers on paper.
    No handing out cd's less copyright issues and you can even add some tips on the screen video

  4. Teacheri

    Teacheri New commenter

    I like this idea. Thanks.
    Concerned about copyright though. Are you saying that say, Edexcel, would not mind if I made videos using their exam questions and then put them on YouTube?
  5. pwc9000

    pwc9000 New commenter

    Persuade the powers that be that the money spent would be value for money in respect of results???!!!
  6. I've never been certain of the copyright issues surrounding exam papers. I know of some websites that host back issues of the NC tests, even though I *think* they are Crown Copyright, so potentially even more of a problem then taking them from Edexcel. I can't see that putting them on YouTube would be any more or less of a copyright issue than handing them out on CD, though it would certainly be cheaper.

    Anyone who runs a website where you can download NC paper care to comment? (That's definitely not a negative comment, I've made extensive use of the website.)
  7. I would love to believe in copyright but when you read the following site you have to wonder where the lines are drawn [​IMG]
  8. strawbs

    strawbs Established commenter

    beware clicking on any links here though - my AV just whirred into overtime!!
  9. That's dreadful, copyright theft in the long run means no one can produce anything commercial for maths. Some may argue that teachers are best at producing materials for use in the classroom but personally I don't want to spend my whole weekend using Smart/Illustrator/Keynote. I hope these guys get shut down.

    I understand why people torrent materials/programs but it can only do harm in the long run.
  10. Molesworth2

    Molesworth2 New commenter

    Edexcel copyright policy can be found here (on their past papers link); though for maths, they make their past papers available for free at www.edexcemaths.com, with a lot more than any dodgy site I've come across.
  11. Molesworth2

    Molesworth2 New commenter

  12. I'm guessing the dodgy site is aiming at pupils/students, to get onto official exam sites you need to be a registered centre. I didn't know about Edexcel but I AQA certainly let teachers have the papers for free.

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