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Passing My NQT year

Discussion in 'New teachers' started by parjon, Jun 16, 2011.

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    am in my NQT year and have passed both of the last two terms (spring term was
    touch and go on passing).

    am teaching in a school in inner London where the behaviour is very challenging
    and the work loads is rather intense at times.

    weeks ago I found out that my school is not renewing my contract so will be
    leaving at the end of July. This was very shortly followed by finding out I
    have to move home at the end of July also and a relationship break up.

    then I have slowly developed anxiety and mild depression (have suffered from
    this in the past). I had an attack of nerves yesterday at work and asked to go
    home which I did and have been off today. I have been to the Doctor who has prescribed
    me tablets.

    I am concerned about is what to tell school? Should I be honest about what’s
    happening and why ive needed time off? I am concerned having time off will
    affect me passing my NQT year. I have already had 5 days off over 2 occasions
    due to chest infections.

    advice would be great


  2. jubilee

    jubilee Star commenter

    Don't go into details with school, about your medical condirion. You were simply unwell and unable to work but now have medication and are back at work etc ..
    Don't worry about your sickness record; it sounds remarkably short to me for an NQT. It's well known that new recruits are prone to all sorts of viruses etc in their first year, though some manage to soldier on and collapse in a heap each holiday period!
    You can have 29 days off work during your Induction year and still have your Induction assessed at the end of the year.
    30 days or more absent from work and you need to serve 30+ days after the intended end of the Induction period before they can reach a verdict on you.
    The absences can be for illness or any other reason not connected with work (being sent on a course counts as being at work, even though not in school).
    If t hey ask you to write a resignation letter (unlikely as it was obviously a 1 year contract that is not being renewed), make sure you put 31st August as your leaving date so that you getpaid for the holidays.
    In case you don't manage to get another post by September, consider registering with the LA supply pool where you will be living so that you can get properly paid work whilst you look for something permanent.
    As you will have been employed by an LA for 26+ weeks in this school year, you will move to the next point on the payscale for any teaching you do for an LA employer in the next school year that you get work (contract or LA supply).
    Good luck and take care of yourself!


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