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Passed interview but rejected after NQT reports...

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by BlueberryMoon, May 26, 2020.

  1. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    Hi there,
    In the past year I have passed an interview twice but got rejected after a few days due to my NQT reports. I passed the first term and fail the second, so I have one more to go and pass!
    I was honest on my interviews and they praised me for that, they said they could work on it and support me but then back off after checking my NQT reports. These are from almost 2 years ago and I have been doing supply and other teaching jobs since then. Got 4 good references during this time but still they don’t want me despite being very happy with my class and interview and having offered me the job....
    Any advice to be able to finally get a job and pass my NQT??

    Thank you in advance

  2. Kartoshka

    Kartoshka Established commenter

    You only pass or fail your NQT year as a whole. Each term you are judged as being "on track" or "not on track" to pass the year. So your first term went ok but in the second term something went wrong... could have been something small like not quite making enough progress, but it sounds like whatever it was is bigger than that. It will be detailed in your NQT reports and it's serious enough to make schools think they don't want to take you on.

    If you don't meet the teaching standards by the end of your next term, you will fail your NQT year and lose the right to teach in a state school ever again. Could it be that whatever is written in your NQT report suggests that you are unlikely to pass the year? Schools may be worried about taking you on and losing you after a term.
  3. mooredjc

    mooredjc New commenter

    I am actually in the same scenario as you. I have two terms done of NQT induction in MFL but my last school was awful with an unsuccessful behavioural policy and essentially the blame was all put on me for lack of progress in the report. Big one is behaviour management. Also the very first school I started induction in had the same scenario. Behavioural policy was wish washy, even blamed for having kids throw a pen and call me a ****. :(...I am not sensitive enough apparently.

    But anyway it's bad form that you interview well with good references since and they are not willing to take you on. I think schools are terribly unfair and unrealistic about what they expect from NQTs. Especially MFL which a lot of kids will not warm to, despite differentiation, praise, unless every lesson is a silly tiktok.

    It boggles me because I really do think I have what it takes to be a great teacher. I just haven't been lucky in my poor training and employment in schools has been luck of the draw. IOI hadihad one great school finishing term 1 and then term 2 was basically first original school of term 1 again. It really is all down to the school and support you are lucky to get even if statutory. :/

    Have you taught of trying MFL at primary? I am thinking about it as I had a mental breakdown after my term 2 and I don't want to set myself up for failure again. In my home country, I taught primary on supply and I got on really well and the Headteacher was constructive yet encouragingly positive.

    Other than that, I get supply via agency work in a very desperate school is your best bet. I really do think teaching induction and training in England is flawed. What one school considers good teaching, another will think is **** and will rip you apart. Essentially, it is down to luck having the right school and right colleagues will put you through. This makes me either hopeful or weary of giving the final term a shot and see.

    Best of luck.
  4. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    Yes, thanks. That's absolutely right, of course, that in reality you can only fail the year.

    They highlighted a number of things across various teachers' standards that they didn't want to pass me on, though if I go through them one by one, I am self-reflective and honest enough to be able to recognise the mistakes, but also to know what I have to do to change them. I believe that I can deliver on each of these standards, but does anyone have any advice on how I can convince interviewers of this?

    I was considering bringing my NQT assessment reports to interview, annotated with notes on how I intend to pass on these standards, so that when they offer me a job, I can show I have thought about them and can solve the problems. What do you think? This avoids a situation where I am offered a job and then they are shocked about bad reports.

    I just need to get my foot in the door, by which I mean getting decent references which may overcome these bad NQT assessments, or find a way to mitigate the damage they have and still are causing.

    A few questions for anyone:

    * What is your opinion on keeping evidence?

    I have found schools can use teachers' standards as a stick to beat you with if they are not comfortable with you and state that you are not demonstrating that you are consistently meeting them. Sometimes after an observation, they can pick out a standard they believe requires improvement on that given day and use it as 'evidence' (I use the term very loosely) that you are not meeting the standards, something inevitably subjective. Incidentally, I have not previously been advised to keep an NQT folder of evidence, a mistake on my part, as I think I need to be ticking off standards by scraping together what I have to show I am consistently meeting standards.

    * What is your opinion on getting reference from supply agencies and/or schools at which I have worked through an agency?

    I may need (I think) a longer-term supply role which allows me to get a decent reference from the school in question to overcome the negative stigma from the NQT assessment points. Is it possible that this may override the negative effects of my NQT year so far, as it is now more than a year and a half ago and I want to show I am regularly doing a very different job now.
  5. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    Yes, I'm actually doing one day a week of MFL at primary and I think it's going well, so this should help with references too. Do people think it will be seen as a relevant reference for secondary?

    Best wishes to you too.
  6. Teapot345

    Teapot345 New commenter

    Re: evidence - were you not expected to do this throughout your NQT year anyway? I'm surprised, I thought everyone had to present their folder of evidence to pass NQT year? May well have changed since I completed mine a few years ago. Recommend collating a file of evidence particularly for those that are doing NQT year across different settings as whoever signs it off at the end will then have more sources to support their decision.

    Re: agency references. Definitely get up to date references from supply teaching if you can. If you get a long term supply job you could put your agency as current employer and Head as second reference from the school you're on supply in. I was in a similar position to you, no probs in first NQT term, bullied out on threat of failure during second. A traumatising experience! Would not have been able to move on without the help of long term supply or the references I got from them thereafter, most probably.
  7. ajc89

    ajc89 New commenter

    Do this!! How can you prove that you are meeting standards with out one?! It’s pain staking, but will ultimately be worth it for you in the end. Also, did you not have to do one when you were studying anyways??

    have you spoken to your NQT governing body (probably someone from the LEA) because if your mentor/school have advised you not to keep an evidence file, that doesn’t sound good... mine was checked at various stages through the year!
  8. mooredjc

    mooredjc New commenter

  9. surfblue33

    surfblue33 New commenter

    I agree with ajc89 regarding the NQT folder. It’s absolutely necessary as it’s part of your evidence on how you’ve met the standards. Mine was regularly checked.
    Good luck with everything
    ajc89 likes this.
  10. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    That's an appealing prospect re: the agency itself and the head as references. I guess I need to do a longer-term supply post than just sporadic days, so I can demonstrate I have a handle on assessment and progress, two areas they had highlighted that can't be shown in just cover work. Glad it worked out for you eventually through supply.
  11. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    It was a while ago now, but I won't make that mistake again. They didn't emphasise the importance of keeping one. Thanks.
  12. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    What do you think of part-times posts? They allow you to do the final 'term' over two terms. That could be good to have time to bed into the new school.
  13. BlueberryMoon

    BlueberryMoon New commenter

    Yes, you have to have evidence to challenge their assertions.
  14. ajc89

    ajc89 New commenter

    I personally don’t want part time. Mainly because you can’t take this home with you, when you aren’t in the next day/ can’t prep after school for the 1st day you are back in (if it’s say W-F part time). Although planning is shared 3 way+ if in 2+form entry. But I know many people who do it and like it. Preference really. Do you have a young family?
  15. MadHatter76

    MadHatter76 New commenter

    Thats frustrating :( I'm in a similar situation as a science teacher who left after a problematic 2nd NQT term a couple of years ago. Have been away from teaching since then, I've applied for three jobs over the last few weeks and not even got replies saying no thanks. With only one term remaining I feel I need to be quite careful in selecting a school but maybe those schools don't want someone partway through, but when you dont even get a reply who knows what I need to change :(

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