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Passed but...

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by Grizzly1, Jun 9, 2011.

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I wanted to get someone else's opinion on this to see if i'm over-reacting. I have been awarded QTS today after my Final Assessment (involved me answering questions in an interview style format). I answered four out of the five really well but when it came to a question 'apart from what already mentioned, how have you been innovative?" I had a complete mind blank - there was lots of uming and arrghng and I felt quite embarassed that I was taking so long to answer it. We moved on and I answered the last question well and then we came back to it and I answered it adequately enough. Anyway, he told me I'd passed and he'd award me QTS but it kinda feels hollow because I feel really disappointed that Ii let mysefl down a little. Ive planned for this for hours and hours and It didnt go as well as i'd imagined. Am I over-reacting?
  2. Yes you are.
    Congratulaions. Well done.
  3. Obviously, I meant congratulations!
  4. What sort of bonkers idea was this ... five questions?! If you'd had a blank about two of them, would that have meant you'd failed?! Like to think you were being invited to recognise your strengths and achievements. Enjoy QTS - now tthe fun starts
  5. quietlydetermined

    quietlydetermined New commenter

    Of course you are over-reacting. Woohoo you passed! Go out and celebrate!
  6. Hi Grizzly1,
    You should be very proud of your achievements! Very Well Done!
    I am looking forward to start in Sept, any suggestions or advise?


  7. Thanks guys - that really has made me feel better!
    tkteach - I asked that question this time last year, and the response I got was to just enjoy my free time and relax for September. Good advice but I wanted to do things straight away!
    Having just found out how time consuming evidencing your Q standards are - I would recommend doing a few of the TDA self study tasks. They take about two hours each and they can be used for loads of standards.
    We were also asked to keep a reflective diary - which was very handy for evidence.
    Have a read up on Assessment for Learning - it's the in thing at school's at the mo - getting some good strategies will put you way ahead of other students.
    And then when your in school - find out who's the person to go to about ICT - you will definitely need their expertise!
    Thanks again for the morale boost!

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