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Partner had blood in semen

Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by impulce, Jul 11, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I apologise for starting a bit of an icky topic, but im quite worried.
    My partner a while ago noticed a tiny bit of bloody in his semen, and we thought nothing of it. Yesterday he noticed quite alot. He has had no trauma to the area, no other symptoms (but he is diabetic and also suffers from excessive sweating from his palms and feet) etc.
    He is going to call the doctor today but I am struggling to stay calm as I have read it can be a sign of cancer. Is this likely in the presence of no other symptons? I know the doctor is the best place, and he is going, but I wondered if anyone had experienced this or had any knowledge to put my mind at rest in the meantime.
  2. Hiya,

    Firstly, yes it can be a sign of Cancer but it can also be a sign of lots of other things. Two of my relatives have been through similar situations with one being a tumour and the other just inflammation that was cut through with Laser surgery. Both are still alive, fully cured in fact, 5-10 years later. As with any signs that could be serious, it's easier to treat the quicker he gets to the doctor particularly as, if it is bad news, many prostate cancers are slow growing and if caught early are relatively easy to deal with.

    Number one though is stay away from sites like WebMD. It's very common to go on there to find possible causes of an itchy scalp and come away believing you have AIDS, Ebola, Green Monkey Disease and Radiation poisoning all rolled into one. On this, I speak from personal experience as I turned up at the GP's with massively inflamed lymph nodes, a lump the size of a large marble on my shoulder and a pain in my left arm. He looked at both and said that's a Sebaceous Cyst, you're most likely getting blocked pore infections due to deodorant and if you stop poking the nodes they'll probably go down themselves. The arm pain is a tendon problem.

    He was right on all fronts proving that the doctor's is definitely the best place to get your info and although it could be serious, try not to imagine the worst although it's much easier to say than do.

    Good Luck.
  3. Thankyou for the reply.
    Today apparently there was no blood which I am taking as a good sign - but am still going to encourage him to go to the doctors.
  4. No problem, stuff like this is always a bit scary. Even though there was no blood today, he should still go and see the doctor just to be on the safe side. Like I said, in all likelyhood it's not something serious but on the off-chance that it could be, the earlier things are picked up the easier they are to treat.

    One of the most common tests for Prostate problems is a PSA test where they check a small sample of blood for a specific antigen so it's not to alarming unless he's scared of needles. At the end of the day though, not going is only going to leave you, and probably him, worrying about it so going is the best sense option. Been there myself :)

    Good luck with it.

  5. Thanks - Ive told him he's to go because I couldnt live with myself if I let it go and in the future something god forbid arose.
  6. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Could caused by little ruptures in capillaries. The penis does go through some tough work. Hope he does go as men do find these issues hard to talk about.
  7. He did go and was diagnosed as having "varicoceles" which are like varicose veins in the testicles. Nothing to worry about, so we're both releived :)
    ...though he'll never be able to look that doctor in the eye again!
  8. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Well, I was trying to think of some tactful way of expressing myself. [​IMG]
    Glad he's ok.
  9. What a relief for you both! Be gentle with him. Do they do elastic support hose for varicose testicles?
  10. giraffe

    giraffe New commenter

    So glad everything was ok for him.
    The bit that made me smile, was you being concerned if 'something arose' [​IMG] but since it was a serious worry at the time, couldn't say so until it was sorted

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