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Partner Authorities

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by HarryDoe, Jul 24, 2015.

  1. As the father of a boy with learning disabilities I am very concerned about the ganging up of authorities against us after we started fighting the LEA for the correct education support. It appears they will all help each other if one of them comes under complaint. I have recently discovered that even our GP gave out information to the Police from both my sons and mine medical records. He tried to help the police deny the disability, all behind our backs. When he was discovered he claimed he gave the information to the Police because it was in my sons interests. He gave them wrong information to use against us and claimed there was no disability on my sons records but he managed to quote to the Police from the diagnoses. The school had illegally called the Police in to search my son for tobacco products. They denied this afterwards and so did the Police when I complained about them.

    Our battle to have our son first diagnosed and then to get him the right support failed miserably and resulted in his education being completely ruined because all the authorities involved and that are there to help worked against us. My sons needs became lost in the battle. They blamed us for his behaviour, accused us of neglect and used that as an excuse to congregate in meetings with social services staffs and believe me the lies they wrote into those documents would be laughable if this was not so serious. We nearly got prosecuted for not sending him to school because every day the staff would enter battles with him and fuel oppositional behaviour because they did not have the skills to deal with an undiagnosed Asperger's! We fought them through the justice system and they backed out and dropped the charges. Wiltshire Council knew their corrupt antics would come out in court so they backed out after we got a class lawyer involved.

    Let us be clear about one thing. If they can get away without paying for support they will and they are willing to go to extraordinary lengths to avoid it. I can see how easily they can remove children into care by blaming parents for the children's behaviour and accusing them of neglect like they did us. I should point out that following the many lies they wrote into their corrupted meeting reports no person would verify anything to support the neglect allegation and it was always marked hearsay. They held section 47 meetings but found nothing more than school absence and getting into trouble with police. This however is what they used worm their way into our lives and to.

    If you have SEN children and you live in Wiltshire you would do well to move outside the county.

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