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Part timers: How do you spend your day(s) off?

Discussion in 'Personal' started by perdita, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. I've just found out that I'm being permitted to go part time next year (yay)
    I'm only going to get one day off a week and I'm planning to spend the day doing catching up on household jobs: a quick wizz round with duster and hoover; cooking for the freezer; changing bedding.
    Not very exciting, I know. I'm hoping that this will help me feel less tried on the days that I'm in school and I'll be more able to relax during the weekend.
    My friend spends her days off relaxing with friends, I know of someone else who goes into school on his day off and does all his school work, taking nothing home in the evenings or weekends.
    How do you spend your day off?
  2. I should probably add that my kids will both be in secondary school by then and will be getting there by their own steam, so I won't be doing the whole walking the kids to school/playgroup thing that many part timers end up doing.
  3. Dunteachin

    Dunteachin Star commenter

    Funny I should be reading this now! I'm girding my loins to go in just for the last lesson. Not the best time-tabling! Over a two week period, I'm in and out all over the place. One day off one week and two days the next with bits inbetween. I find I feel anxious waiting to go in...
    To answer your question, though, mainly housework.
  4. Not part time any more, but when I was I mostly spent it doing things I would have liked to do at weekends but couldn't because I was too trammelled by family!
    Mostly catching up, really, so the weekend didn't have to be spent doing laundry and running errands.
    The loss of 20% of your days per week of smart clothes is such bliss!!
  5. I've asked them to ensure that I get a whole day off. I live 45minutes from school and if they do this to me I shall be mightily pi$$ed off.
  6. PlymouthMaid

    PlymouthMaid Occasional commenter

    I work 4 days a week and usually blitz the house until about midday. Time after that is known as 'my playtime' so I may go to the allotment, do my sewing or anything else I feel like. This really takes the pressure of at the weekend and I then feel that I can go out on Sat and Sun without worrying about unfinished jobs at home or my hobbies callling to me; I can visit my family, walk my dog and make time for a bit of real cooking and mindless internet time. The one thing I will not do on my day off is a big supermarket shop as it swallows the whole day up - I order shopping instead.
  7. I spend my days off doing school work and catching up on housework, thus freeing up my weekends....I will need to increase my work commitments next year possibly so am determined to enojy now as I know I'll have to work at the weekend again.
  8. Ah yes, I do that at the moment (or I do when I'm not off sick) and shall continue to do so.
  9. Si N. Tiffick

    Si N. Tiffick Occasional commenter

    I work 4.5 days and spend my afternoon off catching up school work to free up my weekend. It's well worth it.
  10. ljr

    ljr New commenter

    When I used to work part time, when my children were younger I had one day off a week that I considered MINE. I started riding lessons, and then went hacking every Wednesday morning - glorious.I then went full time for a while. Now my children have grown up I have three days off a week (if only I could have afforded that fifteen years ago). I do housework one day, planning & an exercies class another and spend one day with friends / visiting family. Truly a work /life balance at long last.
  11. foxtail3

    foxtail3 Star commenter

    School work
    Retail therapy
    Lunches and excursions sometimes
    Watching rubbish daytime TV
    Lolling around here
  12. magic surf bus

    magic surf bus Star commenter

    Catching up on all the bits and pieces, paper jobs, DIY, tidying up, organising, personal projects etc that I could never get done when I was full-time. In short, having a LIFE.
  13. anteater

    anteater New commenter

    I hope you get that, I really do.
    I'm 0.8, but am in every day, and this is the third year on the trot this has happened. Apparently this is because of a very few children in KS4 who go to do diplomas in other schools, and so we have to teach the core subjects on certain days when they are in. I can't help feeling aggrieved that because of about four children's option choices, I don't get a day off. Most of the part timers in our school don't get a full day off.
    A few years ago, I had Friday off - brilliant! Didn't mind what I did - walking, shopping, housework, marking to get it out of the way - it was just great to be able to actually choose.

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